Responsible community – conserved terrestrial landscape
Responsible community – conserved terrestrial landscape
The project "Responsible Community - Conserved Terrestrial Landscape", proposed by the Ecological Movement of Moldova (MEM), emerges out of a pressing need to undertake specific actions in order to promote and preserve the territorial landscape at both community and national level.
Nowadays, we are facing a total lack of understanding of this basic natural and cultural component`s importance from local communities, citizens and local/central public authorities.
Not even responsible institutions for environmental protection fully perceive the seriousness of the issues in this area. It is worth mentioning that the evolution of the agricultural, forestry and industrial techniques, landscaping and urban planning policies, transport, infrastructure, tourism and leisure, as well as ongoing economic changes in many cases tend to accelerate the landscape transformation, often degrading its value. Measures are needed in regards to defining and implementing landscape policies, integrating the landscape into public policies with a direct or indirect impact on the landscape, as provided by the European Landscape Convention adopted in Florence in 2000, signed and ratified by the Republic of Moldova through the Law for the ratification of the Convention on the European Landscape no. 321-III of 12.11.2000, the stipulations of which are still on paper up to now.
Other commitments are also worth mentioning, commitments which the Republic of Moldova has assumed by signing various agreements, such as: The Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (the Bern Convention, 19.09. 1979), ratified by the Parliament's Decision no. 1546-XII of 23 June 1993; Convention on the Biological diversity (Rio de Janeiro, 5.06.1992), ratified by Parliament's decision no. 457-XIII of 16 March 1995; Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (Bonn, 1979), and other international treaties whose provisions have either been partially (or not at all) implemented.
It is certain that the stipulations of these international conventions ratified by Moldova have not been transposed into national laws, either as sectoral laws or as normative acts, even if they have been ratified 10-20 years ago.
Speaking about the general public, the knowledge is very limited both about the measures that might be undertaken by the community to ensure the preservation of terrestrial landscapes and biodiversity in general, as well as regarding simple things such as the meaning of landscape notions or biodiversity, the potential of existing resources which, if protected and exploited in a sustainable way, can bring important environmental and economic benefits. The landscape contributes to the formation of local cultures and is an important part of a qualitative life for people everywhere: in urban or rural areas, in damaged or good condition areas, in places known as having a special beauty, as well as in other common places.
The proposed project is a response to the challenges faced by environmental protection today. The aim of the project is to develop a model for landscape exploitation and conservation at a community level in the pilot area, the cultural-natural reserve Orheiul Vechi, and to initiate a process of completion and adjusting the legislative framework to preserve the landscape at national level. On the one hand, the project proposes activities that bring into the attention of the population, non-governmental organizations and economic agents the value of landscape, fauna and flora from the Orheiul Vechi cultural and of the natural-cultural reserve as a pilot area of the project, the advantages which this complex of environmental elements can bring to the local community, but without harming any habitats, the need to take action regarding conservation of biodiversity. On the other hand, the project proposes activities that could lay the foundations for a new legislative initiative that will integrate important regulations for the conservation of the terrestrial landscape.
The project will be implemented, mainly, on the territory of Old Orhei Natural Cultural Reserve - an area which is both rich in landscapes and biodiversity potential and is subject to a major risk of degradation of the landscape. At the same time, important activities will be carried out at national level, in particular those related to the legal framework regarding landscape preservation and biodiversity, and ensuring the visibility of the project.
To achieve this goal and to successfully implement the planned activities, MEM will collaborate with the village mayoralties on the territory of the reserve, the administration of the reserve, educational institutions, local business owners village inhabitants from the reserve territory and adjacent regions. At the same time, an important role in the implementation of the project will be given by the Ministry of the Environment and its subordinated institutions, the Tourism Agency, as well as environmental non-governmental organizations, business owners from the national tourism industry.
The project is in line with the SGP National Strategy, the area covered by the project concerns the Component 1 SGP of EO6: Conservation of the terrestrial landscape at community level. The project indicators contribute to the achievement of several targets defined in the Strategy. The project proposes a model of integration of environmental protection actions with local socio-economic development through the promotion and realization of activities aimed at improving the quality of life in local communities, based on the sustainable use of resources in the pilot project implementation area.
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Project Snapshot

AO Miscarea Ecologista din Moldova
Area Of Work:
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US$ 49,803.26
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 25,750.00
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US$ 24,260.00
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Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Inovative Financial Mechanisms
An important component of the project proposal is increasing the awareness and informing the authorities as well as the local community on the need to preserve the terrestrial landscape. Thus, a broad press and media campaign on project activities and initiatives will be launched, that shall directly contribute to the sharing and dissemination of knowledge, as well as gaining good practice through project implementation. The tools used in this respect will be: thematic cycles of video reports, written and online articles, thematic editions devoted to project activities, radio shows. It is worth to mention that besides the activities included in this project, the PA Miscarea Ecologista din Moldova will also use other possibilities to disseminate materials and information on the results of the project, such as public events, ecological hours, civil society forums, International Biodiversity Day, International Bird Day, Earth Day, Environment Day, exhibitions (eg TOURISM.LEISURE.HOTELS, FARMER 2018, etc.). At the end of the project, a case study will be developed summarizing the activities, outcomes, lessons learned in the project.
Policy Influence
Documents developed within the project, such as the Birdwatching trail planning, Community mobilization and awareness Plan, are also tools that the target groups involved in the project will be able to use in the future to develop their own projects at local level. As a result of the activities carried out in order to establish a dialogue between the local public authorities and the civil society regarding the establishment of the legislative framework that ensures the protection and preservation of the landscape, the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment established the creation of a working group of the State Commission for promoting the project the law of landscapes. The provisions of the Urbanism Code have been revised, incorporating aspects of landscape protection. The code is to be approved.
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