Protection of an endangered breed of Macedonian primitive pig in Republic of Macedonia
Protection of an endangered breed of Macedonian primitive pig in Republic of Macedonia
Association Egri - Civic Centre for Sustainable Development from Kriva Palanka, in the period 15.01.2014 - 15.07.2014, successfully implemented the planning grant "Exploring the existence of indigenous breed of pigs Macedonian primitive pig in Macedonia and proposing measures for their protection," with ref. number MKD / SGP / OP5 / Y3 / STAR / BD / 13/17, thanks to the financial support of the GEF SGP office in the country. Within this planning grant were made field research by visiting more indicative locations for finding heads, which according to their phenotype would deserve special attention. When communicating with people on the ground we were pointed in several locations where they found some indicative samples, which may present some of the required genotypes. Therefore, past work in this field would like to continue with a specific formation of several (possibly 3-4) small farms that will constantly be controlled by a team formed by experts from the Faculty of Agriculture and Food from Skopje and certain members of the Association that will be responsible for oversight of these farms. In pig farming unlike sheep, cattle, goat breeding, beekeeping and other areas in agriculture we have a situation that leads to the extinction of indigenous breeds, as exemplified by dzhumajliskata pig, which is something we regretfully conclude that permanently lost. Therefore, the need to preserve this Macedonian primitive pig is even greater and this is perhaps the last attempt to save this our indigenous race from extinction.
As a reminder we will show you the basic preconditions for this situation, given earlier. Global population growth and rapidly growing demand for food led to intensive and specialized pig breeding, leading to a significant displacement of traditional pig production and the disappearance of some local races, including Macedonian primitive pig as very rare in our area. The process of gradual extinction of this endemic breed pigs is caused by lack of education of the local population and the application of protective measures, leading to uncontrolled destruction and the crossing of this kind with other breeds pigs. Particularly worrisome fact that the conservation of genetic resources of this breed of pigs in Republic of Macedonia nothing has been done. This directly leads to the disappearance of fatty pork as a specific type, traditionally cultivated for the use of available pasture and oak forests near the farm or by giving grains which is locally produced. This way of farming is increasingly abandoned, primarily because of the low productivity (since these races have characteristic deposited fat in the body), and global leaving the remote rural areas in the hilly areas. Thus the state of this type of production and the size of the existing population is in critical condition.
Finally we would like to mention that a possible subsequent GEF SGP project (after planning grant) would provide data and other basis for understanding the importance of biodiversity to the pigs, and thus determined support of potential breeders them. With any new project, interested farmers could organize an association that would act together in the same way as in the newly formed associations in Ovchepolska sheep, Busha cattle etc. (Above all thanks to the projects and the support of GEF SGP). It will be an excellent basis for influencing national government policy for future support of endangered species and especially support in the field of pig breeding situation where indigenous species is critical.

General purpose or the desired project outcomes is to protect the existing population of pigs of this race, which is in the process of disappearing and creating nucleus farms, where the future will be supplied, and possible future holdings would be interested in this type of production. With the implementation of the project will provide a multiplier effect in the field of environmental protection and support the process of enhancing local economic development. The entire production process is planned to take place using the standards for good agricultural practice, to carry out a constant veterinary supervision and care of the parent flock. The realization of the project will encourage the revitalization of a rural environment in which the rural population is extremely low. With this, in the coming period, it can be expected to encourage the retention of population in rural areas, improving the opportunities for self-employment of population and self employment of unemployed persons and thus reduce poverty and the rural population. Also the project will enable the promotion of opportunities for traditional production in rural areas. Increasing the number of pigs of this population in Republic of Macedonia, to facilitate the recognition of this traditional product on the market as an opportunity to encourage rural tourism and familiarize the population with the traditional and cultural values of this production.
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Graganski Centar za odrzliv razvoj EGRI
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US$ 16,972.00
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US$ 13,950.00
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US$ 11,800.00
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Satisfactorily Completed
Number of globally significant species protected by project 1
Number of women participated / involved in SGP project 18
Number of individuals (gender diaggregated) who have benefited* from SGP project 75

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