Protection of native population of sheep - Sheep Sarplaninska Pramenka
Protection of native population of sheep - Sheep Sarplaninska Pramenka
Thanks to GEF SGP Macedonia RZOOPOMZM prepare a planning grant number MKD / SGP / OP5 / Y3 / STAR / BD / 13/16, which basically determined th
e situation with sharplaninska sheep pramenka. The reports were submitted that the situation with the sheep is one of the three indigenous population of sheep in the country, along with Ovchepolska and Karakachan pramenka is quite worrying. Namely, the fact that in the past few decades has made more productive hybridization with cattle import sheep from other races, our sharplaninska sheep pramenka as less productive sheep is brought on the verge of extinction, and if not urgently take something could disappear.
Otherwise, as a short reminder sharplaninska sheep population is indigenous sheep that occurred in specific microclimate, terms and conditions of cultivation in the country. Key features of sharplaninska pramenka are: modesty in nutrition, easy scalability and the ability to grow in modest terms of care and nutrition, disease resistance and triple production (milk, meat, wool). Sharplaninska pramenka plays an important role in preserving biodiversity in domestic animals in the country. It is very present in the mountainous regions of Shar Mountain, Bistra, Korab and other mountains in western Macedonia and Kosovo in the region of Shara Mountain. Named after the mountain range Shar Mountain region with the highest prevalence. Realizing the uniqueness sharplaninska pramenka can conclude that it is a national treasure that should in future be kept in the breeding of sheep sharplaninska contributes to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage, not only locally, but also regionally and globally.
Therefore, the need to protect the sheep is very important for biodiversity in general, and especially agrobiodiversity in the country.
Due to this fact we as RZOOPOMZM decided to work out a project that would protect sharplaninska pramenka, would incite farmers to the cultivation of the sheep, would initiate the creation of a recognized organization for growing sharplaninska sheep and will inform all farmers interested in growing this sheep to the conservation of biodiversity at the local, regional and national levels and the benefits of that, and there is also the incentive for subsidies from the state for the cultivation of indigenous breeds where it is indicated sharplaninska sheep. As a very good example is how, the process of protecting Ovchepolska pramenka, which must recognize that the GEF SGP for Macedonia played the most important and key role in its protection and us an example and motivation and we can do the same with sharplaninska pramenka.

As mentioned previously the main objective of the project is to protect the sheep sharplaninska pramenka and giving incentives to all farmers for its further cultivation, numerically increase and spread. The plan is the success story of Ovchepolska sheep, which are done with the projects of GEF SGP Macedonia, the same can be done with sheep sharplaninska pramenka and thereby saved from extinction this our indigenous sheep. We hope that this basic herd of Sarplaninska pramenka, which would be founded by the project will expand to other farms and a good beginning for expansion of this already almost forgotten sheep. Of course our plans if we have opportunities to make and breeding center of sharplaninska sheep pramenka in the future, together with our competent institutions, primarily with the Faculty of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, which RZOOPOMZM actively cooperate and in the future will cooperate. So the outcome after the project would involve creating a clean flock of sheep Sarplaninska pramenka towards sustainable production and opportunities for establishing breeding center from which the future interested farmers will be supplied with pure race material of sheep Sarplaninska pramenka.
The proposed activities would provide further protection sharplaninska sheep pramenka as one of the indigenous sheep populations in Macedonia.
Project Activity 1: Visit the farm is located and where the farms where there are indications that it has sharplaninska pramenka sheep, selection of heads in type and pumping heads to the intended location for cultivation.
Project activity 2: Forming the nucleus flock of sheep Sarplaninska pramenka.
Project Activity 3: Implement appropriate measures zoo that will allow proper growth and development in the throats nucleus herd.
Project Activity 4: Transfer of knowledge - organizing workshops on the importance of biodiversity - agrobiodiversity in Macedonia and the significance of sheep breeding sharplaninska pramenka.
Project Activity 5: Promotion of the importance of protecting the biodiversity of sheep sharplaninska pramenka as part of animal genetic resources in R. of Macedonia.
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Project Snapshot

Regionalno Zdruzenie na odgleduvaci na ovci i prerabotuvaci na ovco mleko vo zapadna Makedonija RZOOPOMZM
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 15,950.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 17,800.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 11,420.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Number of globally significant species protected by project 1
Number of women participated / involved in SGP project 17
Number of individuals (gender diaggregated) who have benefited* from SGP project 85

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