Capacity building for CSO through education and training
* Quality Assured Data from SGP’s Annual Monitoring Process as of June 30, 2021.
Capacity building for CSO through education and training
The T. A. Marryshow Community College is the principal provider of tertiary level training, education and human resource development in our Tri-island State. It aspires to develop and nurture the creativity and productivity of the citizenry and to prepare individuals to fill the training gap needs as they become evident. It prepares individuals for fulfilling lives, rewarding careers and lifelong learning while being an advocate for the enhancement of communities.
As a tertiary institution, it will promote intellectual discourse, the development of well-informed citizens who critically analyze and respond to the challenges facing our society. It will produce research, scholarship, innovation and educational excellence.

The College will provide a wide range of excellent programmes leading to various levels of certification through the effective utilization of resources, science and technology, and high quality committed faculty and staff.

Inability of nascent and existing Community Based Organizations to conceptualize, develop and manage their organizations to sustainably achieve their stated goals. Inability of like-minded individuals to organize themselves in to effective Civil Society Organizations.

A cadre of Grenadian Nationals with the skills, confidence and wherewithal to establish, manage and evaluate Civil Society Organizations

1.Design and Development of 15 modular courses that individually address a required skill in the management of a CSO
2. Launch of the TAMMCC Associate/Bachelor Degree Programme “Sustainable Community Development Practice”
3.Award of full and partial scholarships to pursue courses from the Sustainable Community Development Practice programme.
4.Accreditation of one “Level 3” and one “Level 4” Caribbean Vocational Qualification in the area of Civil Society Organization Management
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Project Snapshot

The Council of T.A.Marryshow Community College
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US$ 140,020.00
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US$ 6,519.00
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Currently under execution

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Mr System Administrator


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Ms. Kadijah Paula Edwards


P.O. Box 3486
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