Ecological Restoration and Community Sustainable Development Project in Gande, Qinghai
Ecological Restoration and Community Sustainable Development Project in Gande, Qinghai
The project site is located in the hinterland of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and part of the Sanjiangyuan National Nature Revere. There are rich biodiversity here including snow leopard, lynx, bear, wild ass, blue sheep and snow cock etc. There are also important wetlands in this area.

Main problems:
1. Overgrazing due to population increase and livestock increase, which caused the erosion ditch on the plateau peat land;
2, Grassland degradation due to overgrazing;
3. Road construction caused cutting of the wetland reservoir bed and the fragmentation of habitat;
4. Harvesting Chinese caterpillar fungus damage the grassland;
5. Dividing grassland to individual households and building fence damage the wildlife migration and movement.

1. hold a community seminar to develop wetland restoration plan
2. build ecological dam and carry out wetland restoration work
3. hold a community co-management meeting and develop community resource management plan
4. carry out experimental greenhouse lambing to improve livestock survival rate
5. hold project wrap-meeting to promote project results
6. organize a seminar on wetland restoration technology promotion

Anticipated results/outcomes:
1. 50 locals trained including 30% of women and a community wetland restoration plan developed;
2. a erosion ditch restored and 20 ha. of peatland restored;
3. 20 locals participated community natural resources management plan developing
4. greenhouse laming increased 15% of livestock survival rate
5. 30 stakeholders participated in project wrap-up meeting and gained the project experiences and lessons learned
6. 30 people from both Qinghai and Gansu participated in the wetland restoration technology promotion workshop and equipped with the technology
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Project Snapshot

Lanzhou Ecological Development
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Land Degradation
Operational Phase:
OP6 - Y3 (Jul17 - Jun 18)
Grant Amount:
US$ 50,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 23,364.49
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 28,582.56
Project Number:
Start Date:
End Date:
Currently under execution
Hectares of degraded land rest 20

Grantee Contact

Ms. Yan MA
Phone: +86-13919201330
Fax: 0086-09318720658


323-1-1501, south binhe east road, guangwu gate street, chengguan district
LANZHOU , GANSU , 730000

SGP Country office contact

Ms. Yi Liu
86 10 85320731
Ms. Meijia Lu


No. 2 Liangmahe Nanlu
Beijing, Chaoyang, 100600