Reducing of emissions of POPs, throughout collecting, selecting and baling of PET bottles in the Municipality of Dolneni
Reducing of emissions of POPs, throughout collecting, selecting and baling of PET bottles in the Municipality of Dolneni
- Low level of awareness and lack of information among the local population that waste is not garbage, but a raw material that is used for the production of new products in agriculture, construction, etc. with its recycling.
-Lack of proper waste management infrastructure (Public Utility Enterprise in the municipality of Dolneni has been established many years ago, but it still faces quite a lot of problems in its functioning due to lack of financial resources and technical equipment, where the problem is covered for the organized disposal of solid waste), No specific places, so called Green Dots (waste collection points) and appropriate equipment (various types of containers) for collecting waste plastics (PET bottles and plastic bags) - leading to the occurrence of illegal landfills / waste,
- Lack of knowledge, experiences, machines and technologies for balancing or recycling. All of the above shows the whole range of problems that lead to environmental pollution, that is, disturbed health of the local population in the municipality of Dolneni. Namely, the insolubility of waste plastics (PET bottles and nylon bags) and their burning of open space leads to an increase in the emission of dioxin-ROs in the air, which is extremely toxic, with the possibility of causing cancer in the local population in Dolneni.

Due to all of this, it is necessary to reduce the quantities of air pollutants in the air, with coordinated cooperation and direct field activity between ULS-Dolneni, the Schools, the Business Sector and the NGO sector, and by successfully realizing the planned activities (collection, sorting, packaging, transportation and recycling) of waste plastics will be reduced, and therefore the air pollution, which means a cleaner and healthier environment in the Municipality of Dolneni. The sustainability of this project will be the introduction of systematically planned waste water management, which is supplemented with the new waste management law (which is in procedure), creating conditions for a healthy and clean environment in the Municipality of Dolneni.
The goal of the Project is: the proper way of collecting waste and the environmental attitudes that are very important work in the development of our ecological awareness and we must learn to live within the nature that surrounds us.
Increasing children's awareness of the need to preserve the natural values of the environment, water and other natural resources, as well as the importance of environmental protection, waste management and responsible behavior.
Lastly, with creative workshops, develop the skills and abilities of the children and through various activities to encourage creativity and creation of value-added products. By participating in the workshops, the children will socialize and connect more, the quality of life will be improved children will learn about the importance of recycling and protection of the environment, and how important they are in the whole process.
The realization of the workshops will be attended by lecturers who will, with various activities, encourage all areas of children's development with an emphasis on social inclusion and integration of the disintegrated children. Apart from the children, their parents, the citizens in the settlements, the employees in the public institutions in the Municipality of Dolneni will also participate.
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Pomos za hendikepirani i siromasni
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US$ 24,824.00
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US$ 20,289.00
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US$ 14,180.00
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Satisfactorily Completed

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