Chemical safety on healthy toys in Republic of Macedonia
Chemical safety on healthy toys in Republic of Macedonia
The overall objective of the project is the implementation of policies and legislation in the field of chemicals, by building the capacity of stakeholders, such as ministries and inspectorates, civil society organizations, consumer organizations, the media, scientists and healthcare workers that are considered key to successful implementation of EU directives on the use of chemicals in toys.
With this project we want to achieve the following specific objectives:
- Strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Economy responsible for the regulations for safety of toys, the Ministry of Health in terms of protecting public health and the Ministry of Environment as responsible for environmental criteria to encourage testing and environmental labeling of products as a significant instrument that can reduce harmful impact on the environment and nature, caused by products and services during their entire life cycle, from early design of the product, up to care after its use, thus realizing substantial savings on water, chemicals and energy, and also reducing waste. Holders of eco-labels have a higher rating, better image and more competitive market. (A1, A4),
- Encourage the media to open up this issue in public (A5, A8)
- Inform citizens about the damage on their health and the environment from the use of unexamined toys of dubious quality (A2, A3, A7, A8).
Planned activities:
Activity 1: Establish a coordinating body composed of representatives of relevant ministries, NGOs, media
Activity 2: Prepared promotional materials for the use of chemicals and the safety of toys
Activity 3: Street actions for testing toys
Activity 4: Seminar on toys safety control and the involvement of civil society in preventing the use of chemical defective toys
Activity 5: Holding press conferences for journalists
Activity 6: Establishing an award for Macedonian ecological toy
Activity 7: Cooperation with shops for collection and recycling of toys
Activity 8: Publishing article about safety toys
In realization of the planned activities directly involved will be local people in 10 municipalities in Macedonia, which will contribute to the preservation of local lands from further degradation in the decomposition of toys containing toxic substances, as well as protecting the health of children and adults.
Through the established coordinating body, we will contribute to the strengthening of cooperation and trust between state institutions responsible for this issue and civil society representatives. This activity will ensure the sustainability of the project as one of the expected outcomes of the seminar on safety control of toys, is preparation of the plan or next steps for inclusion of NGOs in preventing the use of chemical defective toys. Implementation of the plan will depend on the cooperation and therefore, at local events for testing toys will be present mixed teams of ministries and non-governmental organizations involved in the project.
Indirectly, through activities to raise public awareness we will influence the change of awareness of the population in Macedonia about the dangers of using untested toys, their impact on soil degradation and human health.
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