ASALT (Action, Change, Activism, Leaders, Youth)
ASALT (Action, Change, Activism, Leaders, Youth)
The project "A S A L T" aims to mobilize young people from Ocnita in environment protection activities that will give the inhabitants of the city some green areas and parks that over the years have been neglected and deforested.
By creating opportunities for young people to participate in the community, the premises of a beneficial partnership for the local community and the professional and personal development of young people are created and they are jointly responsible for the good of the community, having a positive attitude towards active citizenship.
The world we live in is continually transforming from all points of view. We are moving fast towards an urban civilization with all its advantages and disadvantages. We benefit from a practical education, opportunities for success in life, just as we face issues such as violence, aggression against peers and the environment. That is why the project aims to learn how to treat the environment and teach others how to respect and protect the environment. Sadly, many individuals do not follow the basic rules of behavior in society, preferring to throw garbage or invade the small islands of greenery that still play the "lung" role of our increasingly polluted city. Urban civilization offers increased comfort, but it is endangering our health, through more and more acute pollution. Conscious of this fact, Volunteers of AO PARADIS "Imitate yourself and YOU", inhabitants of the area of Iubilena, teachers and students of the Theoretical High School Mihai Sadoveanu and Ghorghe Biruitorul take responsibility for educating the community they belong to in order to know the environment, events, places, people and lifestyles.
The inhabitants of the Iubileni area in Ocnita, the teachers and students of the Theoretical Lyceum Mihai Sadoveanu and Gheorghe Biruitorul must become aware of their relationship with a cleaner, healthier environment. The proposed activities are aimed at empowering the volunteers PARADISE NGO "Imitate yourself and TU", the inhabitants of the area of Iubilena, and the entire community they are part of, in maintaining a natural environment conducive to life. The project also wants to attract local community representatives and support the development of harmonious relationships. Therefore, the project responds to the need to know the norms of ecological education, to popularize them as widely as possible, but also to prevent pollution in the urban environment.
The proposed project falls within the Country Strategy of GEF SGP in Priority 6 - Promoting Social Inclusion. Investing itself, Involving young people in environmental activities. The field of the environment is an important topic for young people in this project because they are tomorrow's decision makers. Through SGP projects, young people will be trained to understand how environmental changes can affect them and how they can be involved in making decisions about issues that may affect them. Young people will be involved in environmental improvement and maintenance activities in the Iubileni area of Ocnita, volunteer team PARADISE HGO "Immultate and TU" will be involved in deep exploration of highly specific topics in the field of the environment and the generation and implementing community-level solutions. The projects is framed in the 1st Component of the GEF SGP OP6 - Community Landscape and Seascape Conservation:
- 5 ha of planted and refurbished forest plantations,
- Workshop on the topic: Involvement of young people in actions to protect the environment and promote ecological education,
- Workshops with the theme: We live in a clean environment,
- Citizens' information and awareness campaign on waste and environmental protection,
- Organizing public events on environmental protection and the importance of the actions carried out in the project.
The project proposes an investment aimed at raising the awareness in the area of environmental projection by organizing an information campaign and promoting the "green" methods at the community level with the implimentation of the inhabitants of the Iubilenii area and the young people in the city.
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Project Snapshot

Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 38,032.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 34,372.80
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 3,676.60
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
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Grantee Contact

Ms. Lilia Hropotinschii
Phone: 00 373 69837782


61, Malinovschi Street
Ocnita , MD-7101

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Mr. Denis Parea
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Ms. Irina Pinzaru
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