Promoting ecological entrepreneurial activities in rural areas
Promoting ecological entrepreneurial activities in rural areas
Project "Promoting ecological-entrepreneurship activities in rural areas" is developed in synergy with the project "Supporting entrepreneurship education in Europe and Eurasia", which is being implemented during February 1, 2017 - January 31, 2020, financed by USAID and implement by Junior Achievement Moldova.
During the 23 years of activity, JA Moldova gradually brought into the context of the pre-university school in the country entrepreneurial training programs, which at the moment form a network of 130 preuniversitary education institutions both in urban and rural areas, including the left side of the Dniester River.
The aim of the project is to promote economic education and ecological - entrepreneurial culture among young people from rural areas of the Republic of Moldova, by ensuring and consolidating economic, ecological and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.
Taking into account the fact that there is a large number of high schools in the country, the quality of training in the entrepreneurial education sector, with a focus on protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions, is inconsistent and does not meet current needs and does not contribute significantly to the development of entrepreneurial capacities of young people, which leads to the fact that many young people, especially rural people, are at risk, which leads to their social exclusion, and also making the environment in the communities less desirable.
In this context, it is necessary to equip young people in rural areas with tools to enable them to better choose their professions before entering the labor market and the tools that will help them build their own opportunities to become citizens involved in community development, including the protection of the environment. Thus, it is imperative that young people benefit from adequate economic and ecological and entrepreneurial education before graduating from general schools with the formation of environmental education skills. To meet these urgent needs of young people, Junior Achievement Moldova will implement this project to promote culture ecological - entrepreneurship among rural youth, giving them the chance to learn and apply knowledge and skills ecological - business, including leadership. In the long term, successful implementation of the project will make the project beneficiaries well prepared to successfully meet the challenges of life, thanks to a well-developed ecological-entrepreneurial spirit either in their own business or in the professions they choose.
Faced with these difficulties, it is essential to pay more attention to facilitating increase the development ecological - entrepreneurship among young people in Moldova and in particular giving young people the chance to learn and apply knowledge and skills ecological - entrepreneurship, including awareness greenhouse effects in life and entrepreneurial activities.
Project objectives:
Objective 1: By the end of the project, at least 4500 rural pupils will be provided with equal opportunities to pursue entrepreneurial activities by protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions.
Objective 2: At the end of the project, at least 1,200 pupils and 80 teachers will acquire entrepreneurial skills and interact directly with the business environment to protect environmental values.
Main activities in project it wil be:
• Innovation Camp
• National School Company Fair
• Debate clubs
• Zonal Olympiad at economics
• Job Shadow day
• Teacher training.

In order to ensure gender equality, the 50/50 criterion will involve young people from rural areas, including localities on the left side of the Dniester River.
Expected results of the project:
• At least 160 young people across the country will participate in the Economical Zonal Olympics;
• At least 200 students will be guided in order to generate business ideas and support by experts to practice innovatives ideas;
• At least 150 young people will present products and services as part of the School Companies Fair;
• At least 400 students and 10 teachers will interact directly with economic agents and will be familiarised with initiating and developing their own business;
• At least 40 young people will interact and work with a manager or administrator of entrepreneurs within one day and become familiar with the specifics of the business;
• At least 6 educational institutions whose students are included in the project will be provided with access to hot water from renewable resources.
• At least 90% of young people involved in the project will interact directly with economic entrepreneurs;
• At least 95% of project participants will exchange experiences and ideas with other young people in the field of ecological - entrepreneurship;
• 100% of young people will be from rural areas and involved in practical activities for the development of entrepreneurial and ecological skills.
The project contains sixteen activities and each of them will be implemented to improve the theoretical and practical skills of rural teachers and young people in economic and ecologico-entrepreneurial education in order to protect the environment and ensure access to renewable resources. The target group will be pupils from 15-19 years from rural areas.
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Project Snapshot

AO Junior Achievement Moldova
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 45,071.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 31,373.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 13,675.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
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