The Introduction of Aquaponics for sustainable food crop production by women in the community of Madam Pierre ,Petite Martinique
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The Introduction of Aquaponics for sustainable food crop production by women in the community of Madam Pierre ,Petite Martinique
Petite Martinique is the smallest of the tri islands that make up the country of Grenada. It is located 4 kilometres from Carriacou. The island spans on an area of 2.37 km2 and has a population of around 900 inhabitants. Petite Martinique is the located furthest away from the main island of Grenada and is accessible only by boat. The island of Petite Martinique is challenged with many environmental issues. With no available rivers or streams on island, the residents rely solely on rainwater harvesting for their consumption needs. Ponds are dug out in the dry season to store water for livestock during the rainy months. Food crops are grown on a small scale because of the limited water resources and harsh temperatures that destroy the young plants before they meet maturity. The majority of men are dedicated to boat-building, fishing and seafaring activities. Very few women work and many stay home to tend to the children.

Petite Martinique Women in Action was established on the 15 of August, 2016.,with the objective of empowering women and youths within the community. Some women members are farmers and 2 are youths Farmers. The majority of food is imported into the island and therefore fresh food is very limited.

The project proposed by the Petite Martinique Women In Action group has two fold; to both tackle the limited agricultural production and to promote the creation of sustainable livelihood for young rural women. The project proposed is to establish a modern method of farming called Aquaponics. Aquaponics is the fusion of the most successful mitigation methods used in sustainable agriculture. It combines Greenhouse Farming, Hydroponics and Aquaculture. Farmers can now produce food year round in any climate and particularly in areas with scarce water resources.

Using the Aquaponics system has many advantages:
- Reduced water usage. Compared to traditional methods of soil cultivation and irrigation, water is recycled through the system and is said to use 90% less water.
- No need to purchase and use synthetic fertilizers. Nutrients are supplied to plants from the aquaculture, where nutrients and fertilizers are produced through the fish excretion.
- Natural filtration system. Through their roots, plants filtrate the fish waste water and extract nutrients. The water is then suitable to be pumped back into the fish tank through the bio-filter, ensuring that ammonia is reduced.
- Plants grow faster. Since nutrients are provided directly to the root system, plant assimilate the nutrients faster and result in faster growth.
- Less land is needed to cultivate crops. Plants can be grown closer together and also can be grown in a vertical system, which takes less land space. This Aquaponics set up will only be 20 ft x 40ft.
- Crops can be grown year round. The Harsh temperatures that scorch the crops, another direct effect of climate change. As the Aquaponics Set up will be indoors the climate can more easily be controlled.

Aquaponics is a great solution that will help address many of the difficulties faced by farmers on the island of Petite Martinique;
It is our goal to increase food crop production through the implementation of Aquaponics as a mitigation method to address the current issues faced in the agriculture Sector. Additionally, this project will allow Petite Martinique Women in Action to build capacity among women in farming, production packaging/ branding of value added products, whilst improving the quality and availability of freshly grown food.
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Petite Martinique Women In Action Inc.
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Community Based Adaptation
Land Degradation
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US$ 37,023.00
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US$ 9,037.04
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Satisfactorily Completed

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