Adapting Food Security to Climate Change in Jalacte
Adapting Food Security to Climate Change in Jalacte
Jalacte, as a village bordering Guatemala, has been greatly impacted with deforestation for agriculture, supporting the informal cross border trade. One must pass the Belize Agriculture Health Authority and Immigration checkpoint to travel from this village to the rest of Belize by road, indicating the remoteness of the village and its proximity to the border. Food security is a major concern in the village with some 45% of children being malnourished and is exacerbated by the almost complete deforestation of the area, following the Guatemalan example. This project is thus focused on women, men and youth empowerment with a strong food security element, and it will introduce the concept of agro-ecology to reduce the intense land degradation by planting fruit trees, starting the process of reforesting a riparian buffer, and planting annual crops including a school gardening program. As there is no rudimentary water system in the village for drinking or other purposes, the project includes agricultural water systems.

This project will promote equity, sustainability and resilience to Climate Change with regards to food security. The goals of the project include demonstration to the community of Jalacte about:
1. Climate smart alternatives in agriculture that also provide food for school children and enhance livelihoods
2. Agro-forestry and reforestation techniques and riparian protection that also enhance livelihood
3. Resource use and reuse
4. Gender equity and roles in a changing world

Plenty Belize will serve as the intermediary partner with the village of Jalacte to access funding from GEF Small Grants Programme. The project is requesting a grant of $100,000 from GEF SGP and offers $108,750 in counterpart funding: $30,870 from Plenty Belize, $60,480 from the school and village of Jalacte, and $17,400 from other partners. The project falls under the Climate Change GEF Focal Area.
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Project Snapshot

Plenty International (Belize) Limited
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Land Degradation
Operational Phase:
OP6 -Y4 (Jul 18 - Jun 19)
Grant Amount:
US$ 50,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 17,125.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 39,050.00
Project Number:
Start Date:
End Date:
Currently under execution

Grantee Contact

Mr. Mark 6645243 or 6313191 Miller
Phone: 702-2198


Jose Maria Nunez St., Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District

SGP Country office contact

Mr. Leonel Requena
(501) 822-2462


UNDP Belize,3rd Floor, Lawrence Nicholas Building Complex ,P.O. Box 53,South Ring Road,
Belmopan, Central America