Partnership for a cleaner environment
Partnership for a cleaner environment
In Criuleni, most of the garbage is stored on the ground and is a significant source of pollution of the terrestrial and groundwater. Plastic waste, however, is not only bulky, but also easily flammable. The inhabitants of the Criuleni town, especially in the summer, are often enveloped by the toxic smoke emanating from the burnt garbage, and smoke, especially the one emanating from the plastic. It descends to the town of Criuleni, situated in the Nistru meadow. At the same time, about 198 inhabitants of the village Zolonceni, who is part of the Criuleni commune, and live in a village at the confluence of the river R?ut and Nistru, are excluded from the municipal sanitation and waste collection system. They do not have either a waste disposal platform or a gate collection service as it happens in the private sector of Criuleni town and in the village of Ohrincea. The situation is attested because the Zolonceni village, after the dissolution of the colchos, was a certain period of time in the composition the Ustia City Hall, Dubasari, later it was included in the composition of the Criuleni Town Hall, respectively, the communal services have not been developed on this territory.
Although starting with 2018, municipalities are bound by law (Article 11 of the RM Law No. 209 from 29.07.2016, in force on 23.12.2017) to create efficient integrated management systems of municipal waste by: collection, phased insurance of the conditions for separate collection, transport, recovery and final disposal of waste. The current municipal enterprise does not have enough financial resources to build the collection platforms for household waste, nor for the construction of containers for separate collection of recyclable waste. At the same time, if there were platforms for collecting waste in Zolonceni, the residents would ensure the durability of the service by paying the monthly fee, similarly to how is done by the inhabitants of Criuleni town and Ohrincea village. As a result of this situation, the level of pollution increases of existing forests around the Criuleni town and Zolonceni village, and the green areas adjacent to the rivers R?ut and Nistru. At the same time, the young generation - about 35 people under the age of 18, inhabitants of Zolonceni, get used with the behavior of adults and will miss the forming of habit regarding selective collection of waste, which is a modern and necessary management trend of the environment. Among the actions that pollute the environment, especially the air, in spring and autumn in particular, are citizens' habits of burning vegetable debris. Despite of the harsh fines, which are occasionally applied by the Ecological Inspection, especially in the evening hours, both the townspeople and the villagers, firing the boughs and firing branches, leaves, grass, taking advantage of the power of the night, and polluting the air. Also, the inhabitants of Ohrincea village need plastic containers, to reduce the amount of garbage that is transported to the landfill, and as a first step in the process of acquiring garbage collection habits by citizens in the future.

In this context, it is necessary to educate the population about the alternative way of using biodegradable vegetal remains, such as their composting, and the citizens need practical knowledge of the production of organic fertilizers and their use in private households. About 80% of the inhabitants of Criuleni Town Hall have lots they cultivate next to the house. Plastic selection and composting from biodegradable waste are the simplest forms of environmental protection and allow a considerable reduction of the burden on existing landfills. Plastic selection would be a first step in the complex garbage selection cycle, which can be followed by other steps.

Project Snapshot

AO Femeia si Copilul- Protectie si Sprijin
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 15,625.58
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 9,268.14
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 8,866.57
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Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Notable Community Participation
10 volunteers in town. Criuleni, young people from the self-representation group, trained to carry out the information campaign
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment
Elaboration and distribution to people of the information materials on the environmental hazards of plastic wastes 2000 leaflets about the project elaborated and distributed to the inhabitants of Criuleni, Zolonceni and Ohrincea
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