Vanadzor Moves Green: better and cleaner mobility in the third largest city in Armenia
Vanadzor Moves Green: better and cleaner mobility in the third largest city in Armenia
The project aims to promote cycling as a viable alternative to using cars and public transport in Vanadzor, the administrative center of Lori Region and the third-largest city in Armenia. It plans to introduce a set of basic bike facilities providing a safe and welcoming cycling environment and offering cycling services for leisure, recreation and tourism in Vanadzor and its adjacent communities. As many rural cities in the world, Vanadzor is also a part of urbanization process, suffering from increased noise and exhaust emissions. Within the last 10 years, some of the small adjacent village communities have been integrated and became a part of the city. Consequently, with the growth of the urban population the use and number of vehicles also increases each year. Another factor that contributes to the increase of the number of vehicles is the geographical location of Vanadzor, as it takes only less than three hours of ride to neighboring Georgia to import used cars where they can be purchased at low prices. Thus, according to statistics, the car import in Armenia doubled in 2018 as compared to 2017, becoming 32,500 instead of the 15,649.
Aiming to address this problem the project plans to implement the following major activities:

? Revive and foster biking culture in the third-largest city in Armenia;
? Establish a bike support center with bicycle rental, café and pump-track (cycling playground) in Vanadzor; and
? Improve road cycling safety in the streets of Vanadzor.

It is expected that by its end, this project will contribute to the reduction of car use in Vanadzor and increase in bike use from currently estimated 40-50 to 90-100 cycling individuals, thus contributing to the reduction carbon footprint of transport in Vanadzor.
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Project Snapshot

Boo Mountain Bike Park Tourism Development NGO
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 50,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 120,300.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 52,800.00
Project Number:
Currently under execution
Project Characteristics and Results
Project sustainability
As a result of the project, the project will have an infrastructure for hosting tourists and organizing their leisure. It is calculated that the income generated from operation of the bike support center and the cafe will ensure maintaining bicycles and refreshing parking lots. The cafe inside the center will also serve as a community hub to organize events and meet-ups to support and promote cycling as a green transportation.
Inovative Financial Mechanisms
Due to active monitoring by local stakeholders, data and knowledge are going to be generated along the project implementation. All lessons learned, and recommendations will be disseminated among local and national NGOs and similar enterprises both via digital media and on-the-ground meetings at the newly established biking support center. Also, a number of educational trainings will be organized in order to share the success story and to reflect on our working experience with the international expert. We believe that this can boost similar initiatives in other regions and promote biking culture in Armenia as a whole.
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Tonnes of CO2 decreased or avoided by energy efficient and renewable energy technologies or applying environmentally sustainable transport practices introduced by SGP Project 42
Number of women participated / involved in SGP project 300
Number of individuals (gender diaggregated) who have benefited* from SGP project 12

Grantee Contact

Ms. Emma Petrosyan
Phone: 91422736


44 Amaranotsayin St., Haghtanak district
Yerevan , 0081

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Mr. Hovhannes Ghazaryan
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Ms. Svetlana Harutyunyan
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