Ahetaha Water Conservation Association Inc. (AWCA)
Ahetaha Water Conservation Association Inc. (AWCA)
The idea to have the project generally resulting from the hunting and killing of turtles when they come to lay their eggs on the beaches and dugongs. Worst still, dugongs only give birth to one juvenile and it was also understood that this mammal takes care of its younger one even up to seven years. If the current threats are not addressed then there is the possibility of them becoming extinct in that particular area. Proper awareness must be done to educate people to stop killing these species, and also the fishermen to be responsible when using nets to fish, and OBM users to drive responsibly in sea areas where dugongs and turtles were known to be found.
Resulting from these experiences, the aim is to address the conservation needs for dugongs and green turtle recovery and sea grass management in East Are'Are because of its uncontrollable hunting and killing of the concerned species for food during cultural feasting. The current threats and challenges of dugongs is that;
1. They usually get killed and injured when accidently hit by OBM
2. Fishermen are hunting them for feasting and cultural events
3. They are normally caught in fishing nets during the night

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Ahetaha Water Conservation Association (AWCA)
Solomon islands
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US$ 2,000.00
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Satisfactorily Completed

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Ms. Lorraine Bambu
Mr. Teiba Mamu


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