Renewable Energy Demonstration for Community Development in Poor Villages in Yunnan
Renewable Energy Demonstration for Community Development in Poor Villages in Yunnan
The project site is located in the northwest of Yunnan, the fringe area of Three Parallel Rivers area. Yongsheng county has jurisdiction over 15 townships. The project will be implemented in three high altitude and cold townships including Yangping, Dongshan and Songping, which are deep poverty township concentrated area. The majority population are Yi and Lisu ethnic minority group people. Their livelihood mainly rely on natural resources. The main food crop are potato and buckwheat. The main income comes from livestock breeding and out-migration for work.

Main problems:
The disposable income of local people is low and their livelihood highly relies on natural resources. Their energy source is mainly firewood. A village with 50 households will consume 250tons of firewood per year, equal to 10ha. of forest, which will emit 272.65tons of CO2 per year. Deforestation not only cause climate change, but degrade the nature environment and increase natural disasters.

1. Demonstrate solar water heaters in three townships
2. Provide training on climate change to raise community's awareness; organize technical training to promote raw feed for livestock to reduce firewood consumption
3. Establish community endogenous ecological conservation mechanism

Anticipated results/outcomes:
1. 120 households utilized solar energy, which reduce 392.6 tons of CO2 emission per year and generate the value of 374400CNY ($54000) per year
2. 120 households gained climate change knowledge and scientific livestock feeding technology
3. Community ecological conservation mechanism established and 120 households participated in nature conservation
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Project Snapshot

Yongsheng Rural Community Development Association
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Operational Phase:
OP6 -Y4 (Jul 18 - Jun 19)
Grant Amount:
US$ 50,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 17,391.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 108,522.00
Project Number:
Start Date:
End Date:
Currently under execution
Project Characteristics and Results
Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods
The project will demonstrate solar water heaters for local community, which will improve their living condition and save the labour time for firewood collection, which can generate 3120CNY per year for the demonstration household.
Capacity - Building Component
The project will provide capacity building and trainings on climate change and scientific livestock feeding technology to the local people so that they can reduce the firewood consumption, mitigate climate change and protect forest.
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Grantee Contact

Xue Yang
Phone: 0888-6562622


Insitute of Education and Sports Bureau of Civilized South Road, Yongbei Town, Yongsheng County
Lijiang , Yunnan , 674200

SGP Country office contact

Ms. Yi Liu
86 10 85320731
Ms. Meijia Lu


No. 2 Liangmahe Nanlu
Beijing, Chaoyang, 100600