Restoration of the La Nihalcea area for the preservation of biodiversity and the strengthening the ecotourism potential
Restoration of the La Nihalcea area for the preservation of biodiversity and the strengthening the ecotourism potential
Lakes, ponds and reservoirs can provide water for drinking, irrigation, recreation, fish, generating natural and cultural values and other ecosystem services. Tourism in around lakes and ponds is of high local and regional economic importance as well. La Nihalcea pond, although having most of mentioned potentials, was until those days ignored mostly due to financial constraints. The V shaped pond is one of several ponds in the neighborhood with the best access from the paved road. It is attractive environment with rich potential already inhabited by common reed or carp. The mentioned pond is an aquatic-terrestrial ecosystem typical for Moldova wetlands and should be taken into consideration in terms of ILWG of Moldova as an eco-sensitive water. The site occupies respectively: 4 hectares of forest, 7.5 hectares of water with approximately 1500 meters shore length. The shape of the pond resembles V letter. It is located near the Olanesti town, ?tefan Voda district, GPS: (46°27'18.0"N 29°52'42.7"E). The area is a part of Ramsar "Lower Dniester" (No. 1316 of 20.08.2003). Following towns are located in close proximity from the pond: Antone?ti, Carahasani and C?plani. The present state of La Nihalcea reservoir is affected by a number of factors. During summers water becomes murky and taken by vegetation, which leads to partial dry out of the water. The quality of water is under pressure from agriculture and other diffuse sources (phosphates, nitrates etc.). Changes that are now seasonal, will eventually result in reduction of the pond size thus reduction of wildlife (including diversity).
This project aims at improving ecological situation of the pond, together with raising its eco-touristic attractiveness.
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Project Snapshot

AO Fondul de dezvoltare Purcari
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 45,067.21
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 20,092.80
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 32,414.22
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Significant Participation of Indigenous Peoples
Kick off meeting will be attended by local farmers with plots adjacent to the pond and situated up to 5 km down the Kaplan river, during which they shall provide their input, creating synergy of information and ideas. Children from local schools will participate in initial site cleaning. The local population will be testing the site and provide the feedback basing on which last adjustments will be made. Local population will gain new, attractive place of rest and valuable knowledge about functions of the aquatic ecosystem. The local tourism business can develop increasing quality of life for all residents within the influence of the reservoir. The ES approach requires an involvement of bottom stakeholders and communities to ensure mainstreaming of local holistic ecosystem services approach. The La Nihalcea project will be an example of such management, where experts, local business, local administration and activists gather together to create new quality.
Inovative Financial Mechanisms
Project aims at replication across Moldova knowledge gained in the project. Information boards erected in key points around La Nihalcea pond will educate visiting people about the site and project. The smartphone application will guide visitors through La Nihalcea and other local attractions. More specialized information will be aggregated through: a) evaluation reports; b) organization of workshops (to reflect on the progress and problems); c) final conference where project achievements will be summarized; d) manual; e) web site where above mentioned knowledge will be concentrated. The gathered information should summarize the assessment findings, situation before the project, phases of the project implementation, lessons learned, good practices, biological and technical tools developed/used, biological information gained during implementation. The manual and conference will showcase film/photographic material gathered through camera trap that will observe animal activities without human interference.
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Mr. Zaharia Arami


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Chisinau , MD2012

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