Vai Ko Puna Community Project
Vai Ko Puna Community Project
The VaikoPuna site is a historical & traditional water pool for the people of Pea. Over the years it has not been well maintained due to lack of Funding and resources. Waste from surrounding households including plastic waste, chemical waste, livestock waste to name a few has drained in to the sea pool and has polluted the site. This then has impacted the nature of the site as well as affecting the marine life in it. VaikoPuna is also known as a mythical healing pool where different skin diseases are healed such as rush and many more, when people bathe in the pool. The aim of this project is to revamp the area and restore it to a cleaner, greener and healthier historical water pool. The project also aims to maintain this site for tourist purposes and for the community to work together and help sustain a cleaner, greener and healthy environment for Pea Village. The historical pool is located at the village of Pea 21° 11' 0" South, 175° 14' 0" West, VahelotoTongatapu, along the Taufa’ahau Road.
The project will be undertaken by members of the youth group, and with the support of the church leaders, town officer and members of the community. The target audience of this project are the youth and church leaders and all members of the community of Pea. Our vision and aim is the opportunity for mangrove rehabilitation within the Fanga’uta catchment area along Pea lagoon.
The need to restore, rehabilitate the historical site and water pool to a more natural, sustainable, clean and healthy environment with and additional purpose as an ecotourism site within the community, turning it into a mini tourism attraction where members of the community can also sell their local handicrafts to earn some income. It will also become a resting place for community members and visitors, as well as for bathing in the natural water pool
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Sosaieti Toutupu o Pea
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Operational Phase:
Phase 5
Grant Amount:
US$ 41,850.00
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Currently under execution

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Mr System Administrator


Nukuálofa , South Pacific , 676

SGP Country office contact

Mrs. Sesimani Marie Lokotui