Building Capacity in Proper Solid Waste Management in Belize's Southern Coastal Communities
Building Capacity in Proper Solid Waste Management in Belize's Southern Coastal Communities
The overall goal of this project is to prepare the southern coastal communities to actively participate in the national and regional solid waste management plans and the moratorium on Styrofoam, single use plastic bags and straws.

This project is designed to be a bi-partite complimentary initiative that aims at supporting the blue economy by bringing proper solid waste management and the phasing out of single use plastics from a national to the local level. This will ensure a proactive and appropriate response to change by the communities. The project will involve a series of educational outreach activities focused on solid waste management in all proposed target communities; as well as the execution of a solid waste separation pilot project within the Seine Bight and Hopkins Villages. Community members will be initially involved in a listening and learning component of the educational campaign, and will also actively participate through knowledge sharing sessions, as well as working in the separation of solid waste within their businesses after the necessary knowledge is attained. The aim of this reverse role play is to ensure that a positive attitude is being fostered across all age ranges, which will, in return ensure the sustainability of the project beyond its closure.
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Project Snapshot

Southern Environmental Association
Area Of Work:
International Waters
Grant Amount:
US$ 24,999.50
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 34,850.00
Project Number:
Currently under execution
Project Characteristics and Results
Significant Participation of Indigenous Peoples
Implementation will be completed by community members and guided by SEA in collaboration with DOE and BSWaMA. Women from the traditionally indigenous (Garifuna) communities of Hopkins and Seine Bight who are business owners, leaders and head of households are the targeted beneficiaries and owners of the project. Where possible, expertise for design of the project and consultants for the development of communication strategies will be sourced from within the community.
Inovative Financial Mechanisms
Knowledge management is ensured through two key activities which will be executed under Objective 1, which involves the formation and proper functioning of a Project Communication Team (PCT) and the development and execution of a Communication Campaign. This team will be comprised of representatives of key partners from the Belize Solid Waste Management Authority and the Department of the Environment. The roles of these partners are essential in selecting the information which will be communicated through posters, signange, newletters, social media and other forms of advertisement. The PCT will draft a Communication Campaign Plan, which to should ensure (1) the presentation of accurate and relevant information, (2) an appropriate method/form of informational presentation, (3) the timely publication of information. All information published will be done in consultation with key stakeholders of the Village Councils and participating community members. This project has been designed to share information in number of formats which can be referred to in 1.5. Any feedback received during public meetings, focus groups or consultations will be captured by the SEA Education & Outreach Assistant and presented to the PCT for review and incorporation into outreach material.
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