Conservation of the fish stock through awareness raising of citizens and state policy reforms
* Quality Assured Data from SGP’s Annual Monitoring Process as of June 30, 2021.
Conservation of the fish stock through awareness raising of citizens and state policy reforms
In recent decades, fish stocks of industrial and economic significance in Armenian freshwater have drastically declined as a result of a number of anthropogenic factors, such as unsustainable use of water resources, exploitation of hydraulic facilities, and particularly unregulated fishing and poaching. As a result, only 10 out of the 22 native fish species of Armenian freshwater are found in the national Red Book, and many of the economically valuable species have been exterminated, and they are currently under extinction. The situation is partly conditioned by weak legal framework, that does not clearly regulate the permissions, procedures and conditions for amateur fishing. These factors have directly resulted in overexploitation of fish stocks by uncontrolled and destructive fishing practices.
The project aims to promote conservation of fish stocks in the freshwater of Armenia through raising public awareness and initiating state policy reforms in fishery sector.
The project will be implemented in the following three stages that are characterized by a distinct set of activities. In the first stage, draft materials on species composition and biological characteristics of fish found in Armenia’s freshwaters, as well as current rules and restrictions on fishing practices will be developed. At the same time, the legislative framework regulating the amateur fishing will be studied and analyzed to identify the existing problems and challenges and well as develop draft legislative and normative acts for further discussion and endorsement. In the second stage, materials on differentiation of fish species by their biological features will be developed as well as current state and proposed reforms on legislation framework of recreational fishing will be discussed with amateur fishermen and respective NGOs in the riparian communities. Meanwhile, legislative changes for improving fishery regulations and fish stocks conservation policies will be discussed with the respective government agencies. In the final stage, knowledge materials will be developed and published, as well as drafts of legislative reforms on recreational fishing and fish stocks conservation will be developed.
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Project Snapshot

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US$ 26,847.00
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US$ 320.00
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US$ 5,570.00
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Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Notable Community Participation
Amateur fishermen from all regions of Armenia, industrial fishing companies and fishers unions and other relevant NGOs, as well as government representatives in charge of fishery sector will be involved in the project implementation. It is planned to consider their concerns and suggestions when developing policy recommendations to improve fisheries management. This process includes compilation of needs assessment combined by different tools, such as interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, roundtables, etc. The draft documents developed by the experts based on the opinions and suggestions will be then discussed by the stakeholders for finalization. Within the project, special attention will be paid to youth involvement in the project. The project will encourage local youth to participate in the planned meetings, discussions and trainings to raise their awareness and knowledge on fish species, sustainable fishing and fish stocks conservation practices.
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment
Awareness raising component is in the core of the project implementation. In order to ensure wider participation and involvement of local communities in the project activities, it is planned to post announcements on upcoming meetings, discussions or trainings in the local municipalities, schools, collages well in advance. The project activities are aimed at disseminating knowledge on fish species identification, permissible catches and fish stock conservation necessity among communities adjacent to reservoirs and rivers, as well as visiting fishermen. At the same time, drafts of normative documents regulating industrial and amateur fishing will be developed and provided to the Ministry of Environment, which will promote conservation and rational use of fish stocks in the rivers, lakes and reservoirs of Armenia on the one hand, and significant increase in electronic permits issued to amateur fishermen on the other hand.
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Number of globally significant species protected by project 7
Number and type of support linkages established with national government institutions 2
Number of individuals (gender diaggregated) who have benefited* from SGP project 500

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