Environmental Model School and Improving student’s Living Condition at Tribe Secondary School in Luangnamtha province
Environmental Model School and Improving student’s Living Condition at Tribe Secondary School in Luangnamtha province
Tribe secondary school of Luangnamtha province is a state school which established in 2000 to providing education for children who have less opportunity to get into the school for instance orphan student and poor children from 5 districts of the province. The school building has 2 floors with 7 classrooms and 1 office, 2 dormitories and 1 kitchen. Currently, there are 303 students with 122 females and 60 orphans (no father or no mother) 10 poorest orphans (no parents). School is located 9 km away from the town center of the province. The children have no idea about environment protection, so they do the littering untidily around school, at playground making dirty, bad smell which would negatively affect to environment and children’s health; each student will get stipend 200,000 kip (about 24 US$) per month which is not enough for living condition in currently, so they have to find their food by planting the vegetables and pick from forest for cooking. In connection with this, they are facing a big challenge of water shortage, no water supply for vegetation. These challenges negatively affect to their education, someone has to drop out of school during the midterm at least 20 people per year. The project aims to make the environment model school for trees plantation, waste management around school campus and knowledge management along with improving student’s life by growing organic vegetable, raising poultry and offering ground water due to the school face extremely water shortage during dry season for climate change adaption of smart agriculture.
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Project Snapshot

Tribal School
Area Of Work:
Community Based Adaptation
Climate Change Mitigation
Operational Phase:
OP6 - Y5 (Jul 19-Jun 20)
Grant Amount:
US$ 24,858.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 1,200.00
Project Number:
Start Date:
End Date:
Currently under execution



Grantee Contact

Mr. Sinsakhoun Phommachan
Phone: +856 20 55 478 172
Email: phommachan_lnt@hotmail.com


Nalae Village
Luangnamtha , Luangnamtha ,

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Ms. Vilaylack Tounalom
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