Conservation of Marine Ecosystems for Livelihood and Advocacy for Marine Protected Areas. Location: Lagos State and Rivers State
Conservation of Marine Ecosystems for Livelihood and Advocacy for Marine Protected Areas. Location: Lagos State and Rivers State
Nigeria marine ecosystem has experienced severe environmental degradation due to oil exploration and unsustainable fishing practices. Also, none of the marine ecosystem in Nigeria is under any legal or formal conservation or protection. The goal of the project is to engage in policy advocacy to support the creation of Marine Protected Areas in Nigeria. The objectives are to engage and equip of all stakeholders with the knowledge and tools they need to support the advocacy. The project will focus on fishers and other stakeholders including fish processors, consumers and civil society in the fishing communities of Ogoni in Rivers State. The specific activities to be carried out include: 1. Awareness creation to end harmful fishing practices and promote the protection of the marine ecosystem. 2. Train and strengthen the capacity of about 200 fishers in Ogoni, River State on Marine Ecosystem Monitoring, Reporting and Advocacy for a healthy marine environment. Dialogues will be held to identify specific ecological challenges as well as areas that require action in order to attain SDG 14 on Life under the water. 4. Organize and host a School of Ecology (SoE) focusing on the need for the creation of Marine Protected Areas and deeply examining the implications of the Blue Economy concept for our fishers and all Nigerians. The SoE will prioritize participation of youths and public institutions. A policy paper will be produced and a special edition of our in-house journal, the eco-Instigator, will be published to showcase the project and the contributions of local fishers in the protection of marine ecosystems. We will also produce a draft Marine Protection Areas Bill and use these for legislative advocacy. Key stakeholders in this project are community fishers and existing fishing associations, fish processors, CSOs, media and government institutions such as the Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research (NIOMR), and the Nigerian Maritime and Safety Administration Agency (NIMASA).
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Health of Mother Earth Foundation
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