Urban gardens as a potential for increasing green areas in the concrete jungle of Skopje
Urban gardens as a potential for increasing green areas in the concrete jungle of Skopje
One of the most noble activities of man is creating food, at the same time increasing the urban greenery and contributing to a cleaner environment. Every square meter of greenery in the city concrete jungle contributes to the reduction of temperature extremes, which improves the microclimate. This explains why urban gardens have become so popular in world capitals lately. The purpose of urban gardens in the world, and even in our country, is to emphasize the need to return to nature and organic food production, in a world that is becoming increasingly polluted and where there are trends such as GMOs or artificially treated food. They usually plant vegetables or spices that are grown organically and can be used in daily diet, for the family, to share with neighbors and the community or to donate.
Urban gardens allow people to show their creativity so that they can be varied. The very construction of the garden and the mechanical preparation is a very important step, but what is much more important is the maintenance of the plants. They need daily care. The fruits are the biggest benefit, but we must not forget the psycho-physical benefit that is obtained during the preparation and maintenance of the gardens themselves. It is a kind of "garden therapy" that daily helps to improve the quality of life by awakening creativity, responsibility and improving physical condition.
Gazi Baba is a municipality that has recently become more attractive for living and investment. At a time when urbanization is gaining momentum, increasing green space is a very big challenge, especially for the local community that is directly affected.
This project concept is part of the SGP OP7 Initiative 5. Catalysis of Sustainable Urban Solutions. With the inclusion of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the Macedonian Botanical Association, the Municipality of Gazi Baba and the Association AKCIJASHI Skopje, a social urban garden will be made that can be used by the local population. The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and the Macedonian Botanical Association will provide space and appropriate expertise, and the Association AKCIJASHI Skopje will be a partner in the practical implementation of the activities.
The urban garden will also have an educational purpose for faculty students and students from primary and secondary schools. For that purpose, in addition to horticultural crops, aromatic and medicinal plants will be planted in the urban garden.
With this project, people will be motivated and trained to make their own urban gardens in yards, balconies, roofs, etc., which is a real challenge that will have a positive impact on improving the microclimate conditions of the municipality of Gazi Baba.
This project will encourage the increase of urban greenery and strengthen the awareness of the population about the importance of urban gardens as part of urban greenery. Within this project, a social urban garden of Gazi Baba will be established. The urban garden will be a corner where interested members of the Association Akcijashi will be able to produce products that they will use in their daily diet. For those who have the conditions to make their own urban garden, they will be provided with plant material and will have the opportunity to receive guidance on proper plant care. In addition, within the urban garden there will be plots that will be intended for the production of medicinal and aromatic plants. These plots will have an educational purpose, and the plants at the end of the growing season will be dried and used to produce essential oils with the help of a distiller. Within the project, branded products from MBA will be made and will be offered on the market, which in the future will ensure self-sustainability of the project concept.
The realization of the project will be in partnership between the Macedonian Botanical Association, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and the Association AKCIJASHI Skopje whose headquarters are located in the Municipality of Gazi Baba. The i Association Akcijash has 106 members, mostly over 35 years old. In consultation with the Mayor of the Municipality of Gazi Baba, when the situation with the pandemic is stabilized, the activities of the Association will include the primary schools under the jurisdiction of the municipality. The project activities will include a minimum of 10 people who will be volunteers, in agreement with the Association.

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Makedonsko Drustvo na Botanicari
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US$ 11,578.00
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