Toward a sustainable Post COVID-19 future for Indigenous Peoples
Toward a sustainable Post COVID-19 future for Indigenous Peoples
The project entitled ‘’Toward a sustainable Post COVID future for Indigenous Peoples’’ will be
carried in the Mbororo pastoralists communities of Bangangte in the West region, Mandjou in
the East region. The Mbororo pastoralists of these different areas main activities are livestock
cattle rearing and farming and with the effect of climate change and the advent of the COVID-
19 pandemic their livelihoods have been greatly affected. The project will address biodiversity
conservation and climate change adaptation and mitigation. Thematic areas will be on covid-
19 communication, lessons sharing, through culturally appropriate ways, food production
systems, prevention of zoonosis and future pandemics, transmission of medical traditional
knowledge and local bio circular economy approaches based on reciprocity.
In order to achieve the desired change, the following approaches shall be adopted with the
project community:
- Empower women/girls, youth on how to be active participants in community
development activities as well as sustainable forest and environmental management.
- Indigenous peoples will be trained on the fabrication of fireless cooking bags and fuelefficient clay stoves as well as on inter-generational knowledge transfer (ethno therapy),
Ethno-veterinary medicines/ use traditional knowledge and know how to prevent future
pandemics domestication of useful medicinal plants, on renewable energy programs
(solar energy and installation and bio gaz);
- They will be trained on alternative livelihood solutions in the post COVID period as a
recovery phase with much emphases on nutritional improvement to eradicate famine
using organic agricultural
- The social dimension of this project includes the provision of support for micro-credits
to encourage income generating activities for the women groups. This will not only improve on their livelihoods but will also help to sustain the project as they will be able
to raise money that will help in the maintenance of the other aspects of the project.
The activities of this project shall be carried out in the different localities, Bangangte, Nde
division in the West region and Mandjou, Lom and Djerem division in the East region.

Project Snapshot

Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 32,302.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 5,000.00
Project Number:
Currently under execution
Project Characteristics and Results
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment
- There will be the use of classical media which will involve radio national station and especially community radios as well as written press that is newspapers. - We will use social media WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share information, pictures, videos and short messages on the project. - We will have banderoles, roll ups, T- shirts and other gadget that can create awareness and visibility of the project. - We will brand some of our products so as to give visibility to our project
Gender Focus
Men in the mbororo pastoralist community take care of the cattle while the women take care of the home and the children. The women’s place is at home, they ensure there is food, water and care for the children. All the decisions in the home and the community are taken by the men. Women have practically no voice in decision making. Our project intends to address this imbalance in decision making by empowering the women to be involved in their community development life, decision making in their homes and to be educated on their rights. The women are the principal beneficiaries of the project but in order to address gender gaps and ensure good advocacy on this, we are involving the men so that they can help us bring on board their wives and daughters in decision making processes and make then key actors in community development.
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