Strengthening Community Resilience Actions in Luwu Raya Landscape in Facing Ecological Change based on Local Wisdom
Strengthening Community Resilience Actions in Luwu Raya Landscape in Facing Ecological Change based on Local Wisdom
Name or title proposed project
Strengthening Community Resilience Actions in Luwu Raya Landscape in Facing Ecological Change based on Local Wisdom
Site of Project
To' Cerekeng Indigenous Community, Manurung Village, Malili District, East Luwu Regency
15 months
Starting date
15 July 2021 – 30 October 2022

The Preservation of Local Wisdom and Ecological Functions that Support Community Sustainability in the Luwu Raya Landscape.

1. Knowledge Assessment and Action of To Cerekeng Community Resilience Against Climate Change, especially in food security, economic security, medical security, and social/cultural resilience
2. Implementation Discussion of the Regent's Decree SK East Luwu Regent No.286/X/Tahun 2019 Concerning Local Wisdom of the To' Cerekeng Indigenous Peoples Protecting Sacred Forests with Routine Patrols of the WTC Youth Group
3. Mapping and Preparation of Participatory Land Use Planning for Indigenous Territories To Cerekeng. Updating spatial data from land use maps of indigenous/local communities by including thematic areas of certain areas in order to strengthen Community Management Conservation Areas (AKKM) for disaster purposes (both natural and non-natural disasters - the Covid-19 pandemic, and reserve sources future food
4. Development of Ecological, Social and Sustainable Food Production System Models according to topographic conditions and livelihoods of the To Cerekeng community
5. Preparation of Learning Materials for Covid-19 Medical Information and Communication Practices Based on Local Community Knowledge
6. Cadre Education by initiating Ecology Classes for To Cerekeng Youth (Youth and Youth) as a form of transmitting To Cerekeng traditional ecological knowledge from generation to generation. Activities in the form of: Workshop on Preparation of Ecology Class Modules, Implementation of Ecology Classes, and Monitoring and Evaluation of Ecology Classes
7. Sharing and Learning Together and Community Resilience Campaign Against Climate Change
8. Strengthening Household Resilience Resilience Actions through the use of yards with crops of daily needs with natural farming systems, medicine, animal husbandry, and riverside vegetative restoration with local plants
9. Supporting Community Creative Economy Initiation based on local potential which is integrated with village government plans rencana
10. Assistance in Strengthening the Resilience of Indigenous/local Communities In order to support public campaigns against community resilience practices, a number of documentation and publication activities have been carried out, namely:
¥ Indigenous/Local Community Biodiversity Book
¥ Filming of Resilience Community Against Ecological, Socio-cultural Changes and the Covid-19 Pandemic
¥ Making Infographics and Publications on Social Media
¥ Ecology Class Module
¥ Print clothes for the campaign

1. Strong knowledge management of community resilience to Ecological, Socio-Cultural changes, and the Covid-19 Pandemic
2. Strengthening community resilience actions against all forms of Ecological changes that affect social, economic and cultural conditions at the local level.
3. The existence of a productive and creative community based on local potential that supports the economic resilience of the family or community.

Perkumpulan Wallacea will submit financial and narrative progress reports to UNDP and GEF-SGP according to the following deadlines:

Reporting Period
Report I
15 July 2021 – 30 February 2022
15 February 2022
Final Report
15 February 2022 – 15 October 2022
30 October 2022

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Project Snapshot

Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 20,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 22,311.00
Project Number:
Currently under execution

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