Development and Strengthening of Management Capacities at Quilombo Mesquita
Development and Strengthening of Management Capacities at Quilombo Mesquita
This project will work on the conservation of the Cerrado through the technical and management development of the Quilombo Mesquita Territory Association - ATQ M (network construction). The idea is to build a shared vision through a process of facilitating dialogues and actors' perceptions places with respect to the three additional activities carried out in the community, that is, giving more autonomy to
local organizations work on the form of governance, ownership, empowerment and the conservation of this territory as a consequence. The collective idealization of the Productive Community Project - N’golo Celebration, name given to the wine of guabo-de-angola (Hibiscus sabdariffa) with the recognition of the Angolan matrix at Quilombo Mesquita and aims to strengthen the production of
self-sustainable income and to enrich the cultural calendar of the community. It is the united opportunity for their own
community be able to empower and publicize their socio-cultural experiences. The N ’ golo Celebration therefore, is the
consecration of these experiences, strengthening the protection of your territory.

Project Snapshot

Associação Rede Rio São Bartolomeu de Mútua Cooperação
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 25,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 1,160.00
Project Number:
Currently under execution
Project Characteristics and Results
Inovative Financial Mechanisms
A video will be produced, and photos from the festival will be shared and spread.
Gender Focus
Gender relations are being a theme worked by Rede Bartô and the community, as the role of women in Quilombo is very strong. As the story itself tells, they were the ones who woke up to the struggles for freedom, since the times of slavery. In today's society, they are still responsible for the preservation and transmission of culture through school and moral values. They are the maximum representation in the search for the rights of the Quilombo.
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Hectares of globally significant biodiversity area protected or sustainably managed by project 4200
Number of CBOs / NGOs participated / involved in SGP project 2
Number of households who have benefited* from SGP project 100
Number of individuals (gender diaggregated) who have benefited* from SGP project 800

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