E-servicing to reduce e-waste from households by repair, reuse and proper disposal of parts
E-servicing to reduce e-waste from households by repair, reuse and proper disposal of parts
The modern way of living imposes the constant purchase of new electrical and electronic devices, and thus the disposal of old devices. As the market expands and the innovation cycle becomes shorter, E-waste becomes the fastest growing waste in the EU and acts as a non-toxic waste, but its improper treatment, destruction and disposal leads to the release of heavy metals into the air, water and soil, which seriously affects people’s health and the environment in general. This waste contains extremely toxic, often carcinogenic substances. Almost 70% of heavy metals, including mercury and cadmium in landfills, are from electronic equipment, hence the huge need for a proper and safe way to dispose unnecessary E-waste, as well as raising awareness to extend the lifecycle of electronic and electrical devices. Current trends indicate that the amount of e-waste generated will increase significantly over the coming decades and better data is needed to monitor these developments. The Republic of Northern Macedonia joined the global e-waste management policies in 2012 with the adoption of the Law on Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Several companies started operating and received permits for dealing with e-waste and waste batteries and accumulators. We pose the question is this enough?! Despite the great efforts of national and local governments, civil society organizations, socially responsible companies, civic initiatives and international organizations in terms of raising awareness of the importance of proper waste management and recycling, our country lags far behind others countries in Europe. Therefore, the need for continuous education and motivation on environmental issues is vital.
NCGE is one of the first women's organizations in the Republic of Northern Macedonia and has grown into one of the largest and most important networks of women's organizations in the country. NCGE has always been a forerunner, influencing and contributing to the key achievements and improvements of the position of women in all spheres of society. Environmental protection has been in our statute since 1994, and key priority in the new strategy 2022-2025. The NCGE has over 100 member women's organizations. Our member organizations follow our activities and work on the implementation of the same in their local community. Therefore, we believe that women as an equal member of every household can be the main implementer of the concept of reducing use of electronic and electrical appliances and proper disposal of the same, and at the same time teaching future generations to implement these positive habits in their lifestyle. Promotion and raising awareness among women as well as their active involvement in actions to reduce e-waste from households through activities such as learning new skills often regarded as jobs for men (diagnosing and repairing e-products) will above all change the habits of women and their families for sustainable living and protection of the environment. We consider the project to be innovative because it refutes stereotypes about female and male professions and encourages women to learn new skills previously regarded as jobs for men and will contribute to the economic empowerment of less educated women.
The aim of the project is through several activities such as education of women and youth for repair and proper recycling of E - waste, awareness campaign, opening of a workshop for repair and recycling of electrical and electronic devices will achieve the following results:
• Conservation of natural resources. Recycling recovers valuable materials from old devices that can be used to make new products.
• Environmental protection. The safe recycling of obsolete electronics promotes the sound management of toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury.
• Creating new jobs. Recycling creates new jobs, especially for vulnerable groups, as well as new markets for valuable components that are unique.

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Nacionalen Sovet za rodova ramnopravnost
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