Supporting the Sustainable Provision of Spring Water as a Conservation Benefit to four Sugar Loaf Mountain Forest Edge Communities for their Conservation efforts of Arthroleptis aureoli in the Western Area Peninsula Forest.
Supporting the Sustainable Provision of Spring Water as a Conservation Benefit to four Sugar Loaf Mountain Forest Edge Communities for their Conservation efforts of Arthroleptis aureoli in the Western Area Peninsula Forest.
Overlooking Kamayama is the Sugar Loaf Mountain (SLM). The mountain is part of the Western Area Peninsula Forest (WAPF) that on 14th August 2017, had mudslides at several locations but the most prominent being at the Regent flank. Within the Kamayama flank, the mudslide took place in the Timberland area locally called Next World. This part of the WAPFR is also heavily penetrated by locals for fuelwood collection and charcoal burning. Land grabbing is also a serious issue leading to the encroachment on the forest reserve. The forestland grabbing is mainly due to the absence of beacons that were once placed by the Western Area Peninsula Forest Reserve (WAPFoR) project. The anthropogenic pressure on the forest has also displaced the population of Sierra Leone’s endemic frog – Arthroleptis aureoli to unknow locations and it is several studies indicate that the species are facing serious threats. The need to remedy the anthropogenic pressure on the forest reserve at this end is an invaluable recommendation toward the protection of the mountain from further mudslides and maintain the boundaries and biodiversity of the site. The objective of the project is to, contribute to the conservation of the present locations of the Arthroleptis aureoli species along the Sugar Loaf mountains and undertake community gravity water supply project as benefit for the protection and conservation of the threatened species within the WAPFR. Additionally, the project shall raise awareness of forest edge communities about the Sugar Loaf Mountain and replace the beacons to re-demarcate the forest. It is expected that at the end of the project, local communities will be aware of the dangers of land slide, beacons replaced, new locations of the Arthroleptis aureoli known and protected, and immediate communities including Konde Farm, Kushu Town, Timba Land and Bonor town benefit from the gravity water supply
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Project Snapshot

Reptile and Amphibian Programme Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 30,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 14,000.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 8,000.00
Project Number:
SLE/SGP/OP7/Y2/CORE/ BD/15/10/2021/22
Currently under execution
Project Characteristics and Results
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment
At the inception of meetings, RAP-SL will present the importance of the project from the scientific and biodiversity conservation point of view and allow locals to ask questions for further clarification of the scientific ideas for their understanding. Once that is done, RAP-SL will encourage locals to present their own view and understanding about the situation at hand. RAP-SL believes that locals usually have wealth of knowledge about their immediate surroundings that could be of importance to scientific researches or surveys; therefore, it will organize knowledge sharing events and tap into that knowledge base, make the best use of them and improve upon those that require refinery for the improvement of their understanding of the scientific knowledge.
Capacity - Building Component
In order to keep RAP-SL presence at the site, biodiversity monitoring and study sites will be established and some locals engaged in the process of monitoring. For the demarcation pillars, having observe that on many occasions, locals have hard confrontation with the forest rangers, RAP-SL Director hard meetings with the affected locals and educated them
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Number of globally significant species protected by project 5000
Number of indigenous people participated/involved in SGP project 1500
Total monetary value (US dollars) of ecosystem goods sustainably produced and providing benefit to project participants and/or community as a whole (in the biodiversity, international waters, and land degradation focal areas as appropriate) 2500

SGP Country office contact

Mr. Abdul Rahman Adaama SANNOH
+232 76 789 985


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