Conservation of Biological diversity with community development project
Conservation of Biological diversity with community development project
To mobilize community to protect wildlife and promote sustainable use of wildlife resources. The project aims to conserve the flora and fauna of Torghar valley in district Killa Siafullah, Balochistan by sustainable use. The conservation work is carried out through community participation to promote the trophy hunting as an incentive to protect Suleman Markhor and Afghan Urial in the valley. It is the largest known population of Suleman Markhor in the world and is being conserved by the efforts of local tribal people. The project activities include: regulating grazing pattern of local domestic livestock on the principal of range management techniques, conserving the water resources by using simple and low cost techniques and expanding the agriculture activities on sustainable basis, releasing the pressure on rangelands.

The main objectives of the project are to conserve the existing vegetation particularly trees like
Juniper, Pastachio, Olive etc. with the active cooperation of tribesmen, Only dead or fallen wood will be allowed for domestic use, to conserve completely the fauna of the habitant except culling of over mature animals (markhor and urial), to regulate grazing pattern of local domestic livestock on principal of range management techniques as for as possible through persuasion and discussion, To provide job opportunities to at least 50 tribesmen as game guards for the protection for the Torghar Conservation Project, To conserve the water resources, To expand agriculture activities of Torghar and To help needy and poor people through supply of medicine and medical aid.

The implementation of these projects will facilitate involvement of the community in the conservation activities, It will create job opportunities for the community and enthusiasm among the people of Torghar for development of local available natural resources of the betterment of their livelihood. It will enfuse a new approach amongst the community for the rehabilitation of degraded habitats. The success of Torghar conservation project will inspire the other tribal societies of the province to initiate similar sustainable use projects in their areas.
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Project Snapshot

Society For Torghar Environment Protection
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US$ 41,855.00
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Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment
More than 100 people (scientists, experts, visitors, jounalists)from Pakistan and overseas has visited the project area up to now. The area peopel realize that Two key species are the most important from global significance point of view. The US Fish and Wildlife deparment has done three surveys of two key species. According to the latest survey report published by the US Fish and Wildlife department has shown the increase of animals up to 3300 in the area. The report has been widely circulated. It is estaimated taht known that 80% known population of Suleman Markhor is only in this area. Many artcles has been written in the famous Journals of country about the project success
Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods
Most of the activities are to improve and develop the natural resources in order to decrease pressure on core area for grazing and fule wood collection. Moreover, actvities under SGP project help to develop alternative income generation acivities absed on small scale agriculture and horticulture. The increase in income for horticulrure help to rdeuce dependency on livestock farming. Income from trpohy hunting is spent to pay the salary for 50 local game guards.
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