Composting for circular farming and waste reduction
Composting for circular farming and waste reduction
Based on feasibility study by GIZ Sustainable Rural Development program, this project will help to create a business model of making available large amounts of compost from manure, crop residues and municipal waste for greenhouse farmers in the Myzeqe area (Fier/Berat) under the patronage of the Albanian Livestock Entrepreneurs Association LEAA. The combination of livestock farming and vegetable production in the Myzeqe area in combination with other natural sources (reed, municipal waste, residues from agro-processing) provides a huge potential to produce large amounts of high-quality compost at a competitive price. At present, vegetable producers use manure without going through the composting process leading to low efficiency and environmental pollution. Residues from cropping and processing often end up in landfills.
As compost reduces the risk of nutrient leaching, this project is directly contributing to the SGP Country Program Strategy for Albania: Reducing the risk of water pollution by waste from greenhouses and by manure from livestock farms. It has also been shown that compost improves plant resistance against diseases and this will reduce the use of pesticides which have also become a burden to the environment in intensive cropping areas such as Myzeqe.
This project has been developed and will be assisted and co-financed by GIZ Sustainable Rural Development program.

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LEAA (Livestock Entrepreneurs Association of Albania)
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US$ 33,283.00
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