Maintenance of the panoramic crest trail in the Dajti Mountain
Maintenance of the panoramic crest trail in the Dajti Mountain
Dajt's Ridge Trail and Tujani trail, in some places, are difficult to pass as the result of the new growth and fallen timber from the massive forest fire in the year 1997. Some still standing dried trees pose danger to visitors who pass by in case of their breaking. The project would consist of cutting and removing some of the fallen trees with the intention of facilitating movement along the trail. At the same time, the project will carry out clearing/cutting of existing and new growth in other parts of the trail. The project will also refresh the signal along the path, which becomes necessary especially in reduced visibility conditions during bad weather.
It is a well-known fact that environmental awareness is cultivated most through immersive positive experiences in the nature from an early age. In this context, national parks should not only be seen as reserves for biodiversity, but also as training ground for environmental education where citizens can enjoy natural beauty. Tourist paths are one of the elements of this strategy and their maintenance is necessary for both user convenience and biodiversity conservation through the limitation of environmental impact.

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US$ 6,260.00
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