Capacity Strengthening for Biodiversity Conservation and Enhanced livelihood security at Pebaseman Community Resource Management Area
Capacity Strengthening for Biodiversity Conservation and Enhanced livelihood security at Pebaseman Community Resource Management Area
Pebase is in the Western Region of Ghana where there are the last reminant of tropical rain forests. Unfortunately unsustainable agricultural practices has destroyed the tropical rain forest and seriously affected the biodiversity of the area. The project is assisting the peasant farmers in Pebase to create a community natural resource management area for the restoration of and sustainable utilization of community lands. The project will provide farmers with basic skills in sivlicultural management , coppice management and enrichment planting. Farmers and landowners are to develop local bye laws and management plans to guide the utilization of the forest resources. After demarcating the area and defining the necessary byelaws and regulations, the national Government will cede the area out to the local communities for sustainable management of the natural resources under the CREMA concept.

In addition, Farmer would be trained to integrate wildlife management in farm management, cultivate indigenous tree species that are getting extinct, incoporate the cultivation, processing and packaging of non-timber forest products including Thaumatococcus danielli, aframomum melegueta, piper guinessnse, raphia hookeri allanblackia floridunda garcinia afzelii and gracinia kola for export.

Women farmers would be introduced to alternative livleihood activities that will enahnce the conservation of biodiveristy of the area.

Traditional health practitioners in the area are to be organised into a registered group and assisted to improve on their business through improved processing, packaging and storage. The youth in the area are to be trained in the utilization of the timber off-cuts for commercial production of wood carvings for export.
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Project Snapshot

Centre for Agroforestry Business Development
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 33,770.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 4,000.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 6,000.00
Project Number:
Currently under execution
Project Characteristics and Results
Notable Community Participation
The project was concieved, planned and is being implemented by the peasnt farmers, land owners and the District Assembly.

SGP Country office contact

Dr. George Buabin Ortsin
Ms. Lois Sarpong
+233 505740909


UNDP, Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme P.O. Box 1423
Accra, Greater Accra, 233-302
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