All Poland project for Kestrel protection.
All Poland project for Kestrel protection.
Preparation of the all Poland project of active protection of common kestrel ( Falco tinnunculus) based on the experiences / lessons learned by Salamandra from the first project stage implemented in Poznan. Wide consultation with potential participants who showed interest about methodologyand all organisational, very complex issues. PTOP Salamandra took responsibility for coordination of work of several NGOs and administrative as well as research institutions which declare their contribution in active protection of this endangered small predator.
In 1960s it was the most popular small predator in rural landscape. In 1980s and 1980s phenomenon of rapid decrease of population was noticed with no final scientific conclusions concerning reasons of it (probably climate change, chemisation of agriculture - overuse of pesticides, demolishion of green belts of trees and bush).Parallely in 1990s especially - as in other countries of Europe - colonisation of big towns occered.
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Project Snapshot

PTOP Salamandra
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Grant Amount:
US$ 782.00
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Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Policy Impact
positive signal on ability to create coalition of various partners with NGO as leader to implement a very complex all poland project.
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