Protection of White Storks in Poland
Protection of White Storks in Poland
in Poland exist 25% of world stork population , so it is our certain global duty and responsibility to take care of this very popular bird and very useful instrument in ecological education and policy (wetland protection!).
In 1970s ornitholigist (first signals from Hungary?) observed growing migration of white storks from roofs of village buildings (houses,barns, anything covered by thached roof and high enough) to electric pillars connecting electricity grid, and later heavy loses in their population were observed.Young stock oftenly was falling on cables and was killed by electricity.
This observatuions also from Poland gave the ground to the first project supported by GEF/SGP Poland in July 1994.Solution was found in construction of artificial nest made of wooden sticks and desks,filled initially with some branches and installed over the old, heavy nest which naturally under its weight was fallen lower and touching cables.Firstly old nest should be thrown down,then the new installed. 170 such an artificial nests were installed in small villages (where pro Natura received signals) of Opole Voivodship and Mazowieckie Voivodship (around Warsaw).Initially it was a pilot phase, testing solution.
Brochure was published dscribing the role of white stork in our environment, and description of new design of nests.Nests were installed in September-January - during absence of birds in Poland )on visit to Africa).
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Polish Society of Wildlife Friends
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US$ 13,666.00
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Satisfactorily Completed
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Very strong active and passive (just watching and commenting the installation of artificial nests) in all villages where pro Natura installed nests with assistance of local fire-brigades(ladders,lifts) oftenly free of charge, as in kind, emotional support.White stork is a symbol of prosperous and lucky life, his presence on house or barn roof is the most wanted thing in the rural areas of Poland (except situation when old nest of 800-1000kgs destroy the roof and more - construction of building,barn...
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