Reintroduction of Salmon Species
Reintroduction of Salmon Species
Project aims in restoration of fishery stock recorded in various historical documents 200 hundred years ago and what dissaperared due to many factors (worsening guality of water, overfishing and poaching). Fishery Station in GawrychRuda on Wigry lake is a breeding station of the Polish Angling Society, producing young fish stock to be then used for enriching lakes in Suwalki region. Normally it has commercial reasons and also station produce stock for commercial purposes (income). Project aims in creation of the fground for breeding of forgotten species, historivcally noted in this area, by strenghtening the capacity of the Station to perform this task. extar green-house will be constructed for young stock, small mini-hydro power station will be constructed using the difference of water level between two lakes Station is situated and fed by water of upper lake.
main stakeholders are: Wigry Foundation as "donor" - agency managing external funds for the projct; Fishery Breeding Station of the Polish Angling Society in Gawrych ruda. Supposed support from the Voivodship Fund and Voivod himself.
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Project Snapshot

Wigry Foundation (dissolved 1997)
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 14,530.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 349,963.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Inovative Financial Mechanisms
As Mr. Huss , Project manager,reported to NC in 2001 during very ex-post visit (on that time GEF/SGP Poland decided to conduct ex-post evaluation of all projects and this one was the first to be reported) GEF/SGP intervention helped in formulation more ambitious strategy and long-term planning for the fishery station in GwarychRuda.It enabled them in applying for much more bigger funds from the Ecofund for more strategic infrastructure policy of the Fishery station for further develeopment of restoriation policy - bringing historically noted species into Suwalki Region Lakes. Long term strategy means - improving technical capacity of the statiojn to perform this task This positive comments on GEF/SGP intervention and breaking-up mental barriers on the spot cannot be confirmed and rely only on NC oral reports; Mr. Huss died during accident while he was helping his colleaque during fishing on nearby lake to his hotel a few months later.
Notable Community Participation
It should be noted that project implementation was going on despite the hostile attitude of the local community what reflects the history; old privilages given to the local community given by Tsar of Russia in XIX century which have devastating impact on protected fish stock now; it is very interesting issue for lawers (continuity of law established in different circumstances and hstorical time), it has some more implication to old law concerning community land, also from that period)i
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Suwalki Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection; ECOFUND; Batory (Soros) Foundation