Protection and revitalization of biological diversity by promoting sustainable tourism in the canyon Matka
Protection and revitalization of biological diversity by promoting sustainable tourism in the canyon Matka
The Canyon Matka covers an area of around 5.000 ha and is located 15 km southwest of Skopje. By its morphogenetic characteristics, it is a breakthrough gorge. Karstic forms deserve particular attention here - ten caves with their length ranging between 20 and 176 meters and the two vertical chasms with a depth up to 35 meters. Out of the total number of 1000 plants, 20 % are endemic or relic species. Among Tertiary relics, the most significant are the kosanini violet (Viola kosaninii) and nataly's ramonda (Ramonda nathaliae). Two new species of real spiders and 5 false scorpions have been discovered in the area of Matka. In the Canyon, 119 species of daily and 140 species of nightly butterflies have been recorded. It is also important to mention that there are 77 species of Balkan endemic small butterflies in the area of Matka Canyon, while 18 other species are new to the science. The Canyon of Matka is on the List of CORINE sites. The aim of the planning project is to explore the possibilities of developing alternative tourism without jeopardizing the abundant biological diversity and cultural heritage of the region. The initial activities includes establishing contacts with local population (both Macedonian and Albanian origin), building links of cooperation with different NGOs and two local municipalities, study visit to other Macedonian alternative centre (national Park Pelister, alternative tourism village Brajcino), preparation of a Management Plan for protection of canyon Matka and development of Strategy for sustainable tourism.
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Satisfactorily Completed
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