Sustainable Canal Networking for Cleaner Tha Chin River
Sustainable Canal Networking for Cleaner Tha Chin River
Target Population/Location of project:
900 members of 170 families residing along three canals flanking a 7-km stretch of the Tha Chin River. Project members depend on the 1,290-ha Bung Khong Long Wetland for livelihood activities and food security. In response to threats to the wetland’s vitality posed by chemical-intensive agriculture, waste from tourism, and unregulated fishing, the project aims to take a community-based approach to reversing degradation.

1. Instill conservation ethic in community leaders, and build capacity to act on it
2. Perform and analyze community-based research
3. Establish a ‘model canal’

Planned activities:
1. Organize trainings, workshops and study tours for community leaders and youth network leaders
2. Hold mobile forums for sharing, consolidating, and applying project lessons learned
3. Engage a wider audience through persistent public relations via community radio, booklets and a website

Anticipated outputs:
1. River water quality is improved, as evidenced by a substantial reduction in solid waste, unwanted water species, and dead fish
2. Project members show increased capacity by creating and maintaining ‘model canals’
3. Tha Chin River is more present in the public consciousness
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Project Snapshot

We Love Thachin River Club Nakhornpathom
Area Of Work:
International Waters
Grant Amount:
US$ 21,364.19
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 25,000.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 25,225.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
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SGP Country office contact

Ms. Thadthana Luengthada
66 2 3049100 ext 2131
66 2 2804294
Ms. Suwimol Sereepaowong


UNDP, 12th Floor United Nations Building, Rajdamnern Nok Avenue
Bangkok, 10200
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