09 May 2006

SGPs participation in CSD-14 Energy and Climate Change-CC-1From the 1st of May to the 12 th may 2006, GEF SGP participated in various activities related to the events of the 14th Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) in New York. SGP participated within the framework of the UNDP Energy & Environment Group (EEG), however, on some occasions; the GEF SGP was invited to participate in side events organized under the framework of the GEF secretariat. The highlights are detailed below:-

a) "Expanding modern energy services: Replicating, scaling-up and mainstreaming at the local level".

Prior to the CSD 14, SGP in collaboration with the energy team of UNDP prepared a report entitled "Expanding modern energy services: Replicating, scaling-up and mainstreaming at the local level" . It was published and distributed to participations during the CSD 14 as part of the activities related to the UNDP Knowledge Expo at CSD 14. The report is based on the outcome of the Columbia University, EEG (with SGP) partnership that involved three of SGP countries ( Dominican Republic, Kenya and Nepal).

Replicating Scaling Up and Mainstreaming at the local level -1The report looks at the micro-macro linkages and the role of mainstreaming, scaling-up and replicating small scale community energy projects to achieving the MDGs. It is expected to draw the attention of both national governments and donors, to the potential of replicating, scaling up and mainstreaming community-based initiatives that show the potential of improving the effectiveness of reaching out and responding to human development needs of developing countries through increasing access to modern energy services.

b) Contribution of community energy projects to sustainable development and to expanding energy services

SGP developed and published a summary of the issues discussed in the above report in a two page briefing note entitled contribution of community energy projects to sustainable development and expanding energy services. The brief was distributed from the SGP exhibition booth at the UNDP Knowledge Expo at CSD 14.


c) Panel presentations and discussions

The SGP was involved in five thematic presentations on the following themes (a) increasing energy services for the poor (4 th of May), (b) Energy services and carbon finance (5 th of May), (c) regional Governments partnerships in financing renewable energy activities (5 th of May), (d) GEF activities in the Pacific SIDS (10 th of May), (e) Examples of productive end-uses within the GEFs climate change thematic area (10 th of May). The power point files of the presentations will be available in due course at the SGP global workspace for downloading.

Apart from participation in panel presentations and discussions, SGP attended several other presentations and discussions at the plenary and side events either as part of the UNDP energy and EEG team or GEF secretariat's activities at the CSD14.

d) "The GEF SGP climate change and energy activities in the SIDS" is the title of an article written by SGP for CSD 14 and published in the "SIDS Outreach" jointly produced by the Global Forum for Oceans, Coasts and Islands and the Stakeholder Forum to mark the introduction of SIDS day to the CSD agenda. It gives an overview of SGP's climate change and energy activities. It can be downloaded here.

e) UNDP Knowledge EXPO "Energizing the Millennium Development Goals" .

The period between the 3rd and the 11th of May 2006, SGP was exhibiting the following publications at the EXPO.

Fact sheets: SGPs work in energy and climate change (Download)

Expanding access to modern energy services: replicating, scaling up and mainstreaming at the local level.

Community Action to Address Climate Change: Case Studies Linking Sustainable Energy Use with Improved Livelihoods . This publication documents nearly 50 climate change-related projects funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme. Download the entire publication or visit Climate Change to see individual publications.

Responding to Climate Change, Generating Community Benefits .

The publication sets out the lessons and experiences that have emerged from SGP's portfolio of community-based climate change projects. It was available in English, French and Spanish. 

Partnerships in shaping national policies to expand access to modern energy services. Fact sheet outlining how the GEF Small Grants Programme has forged partnerships with local communities, national governments, civil society organizations, other development partners and the private sector to implement projects that have helped inform and shape national policies in different sectors. It was available in English, French and Spanish. 

f) Some of the activities are captured in photos with summaries of presentations and can be found on the following URLs on the ENB websites:

Conclusion: The GEF Small Grants Programme played its part in highlighting the role of community initiatives in energy and climate change to improving sustainable development and enhancing human development in all its dimensions. It was clear through comments from various governments' representatives during the discussions - especially on improving access to reliable, affordable, economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally sound energy services - that local communities are increasingly getting recognition as partners in development with the private and the Government sectors.