26 February 2006

SGP logoThe prestigious Zayed International Prize for the Environment was awarded to Mrs. Angela Cropper, co-founder and president of the Cropper Foundation, an SGP grantee in Trinidad and Tobago. Mrs. Cropper won the 2006 category for Environment Action Leading to Positive Change in Society.

SGP Trinidad and Tobago and the Cropper Foundation have also supported the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment which won the category for Scientific and or Technological Achievements in Environment. SGP funded the Cropper Foundation's pilot project "Community Component of an Assessment of the Northern Range of Trinidad (TRI/04/01)", which ensures community participation in one of the 25 sub-global sites selected in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.

The Zayed 2006 prize for Global Environmental Leadership was awarded to the UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan. Upon receiving the prize, Mr Annan said that he was "proud to accept it on behalf of the men and women of the United Nations, who are strongly dedicated to their mission of peace, tolerance and human dignity, and who work valiantly to improve both the natural and the human environments".

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