30 March 2012

Munyange Trouble, a village located behind Mount Cameroon in the Mbonge sub-division of the South West Province, is the first community to benefit from a community solar project and is privileged to host this first Rural Solar Electrification Center in Cameroon.

Solar energy in CameroonThe GEF Small Grants Programme provided financial support of US$ 50,000 for the implementation of the project "Empowering local community through Solar Energy Electrification" through UNDP. Barefoot College India supported the project with US$ 33,990 of co-financing, while RUWDEC (Rural Women Development Centre, a local NGO) contributed with US$ 18,205. The project has so far directly benefitted 98 households with a total number of about 600 people.

The inauguration ceremony for the Rural Solar Electrification Center was organized on March 30, 2012. The UNDP Resident Coordinator in Cameroon as well as senior government officials from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, and the Ministry of Women Empowerment and the Family participated in the ceremony. In addition, the mayor of Mbonge, local government authorities, traditional authorities from neighboring villages and numerous community members joined the event to commemorate the solar electrification of their village. Traditional dance groups performed at the event.

Solar energy in CameroonAs highlighted during the welcome address by the Chief of this Community, His Majesty Chief Nawah Ngoh Martin, the project has not only brought light to this community but has created significant impact on the lives of its community members who now want to be referred to as "Munyange peace/ Munyange solar" rather than Munyange Trouble community.

The project aims to promote the use of renewable energy and sustainable development, as well as economic empowerment and poverty alleviation in the Munyange Trouble community. One key activity of this project was the training of two "grandmothers" as solar engineers by the Barefoot College in India, who upon return trained four additional women. Nchenge Helen, who was trained in India, explained: "It was a good experience because I had the opportunity for the first time to enter a plane and see another country. I learnt a lot and now it goes to show that what a man can do women can do too. My colleague and I are regarded with high esteem in our community." These six women have installed solar home systems in 98 households to date. Each household has been equipped with a solar panel and battery that can support 3 fluorescent light bulbs and the charging of phones as well as a lantern with a smaller panel. Fuh Maurice, a beneficiary of the project, stated: "I like the solar electrification because I don't use petrol and I can sleep with it on till morning and I have the opportunity to charge my phone at anytime of the day even in the night. It has improved my family."

Solar energy in CameroonThe Rural Solar Electrification Center is equipped to support six (6) fluorescent light bulbs, computer facilities and a television set. The center shall also serve as the venue for a solar energy workshop on the installation and maintenance of solar panels, lanterns and its accessories, the production of candles and chalks, the training of women and youths on solar energy electrification, the charging of batteries and mobile phones, the promotion of environmental conservation and protection, as well as training workshops and seminar sessions.

The provision of solar energy units to this community has significantly reduced household expenditures as fuel costs to power lamps and the necessity to use generators have decreased. Furthermore, the Women Sustainability and Development Fund has increased women's access to credit within the community and consequently improved their ability to expand their businesses. Through the establishment of a community tree and an Eru nursery (a vegetable commonly consumed in Nigeria and Cameroon), future income generation can be further increased and bring this scarce but highly demanded crop closer to the community.



Mpeck Nyemeck Marie-Laure, National Coordinator, GEF SGP, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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