22 June 2018


In Colombia, SGP is implementing 33 projects, valued at over $1m USD, aimed at increasing the recognition of ICCAs. The projects target different types of ICCAs such those that are defined, desired and disrupted.  Thereby, the projects encompass the cultural wealth of indigenous, afrocolombian and peasant communities, and the diversity in varied landscapes and ecosystems.

Particularly, the ICCA-GSI project titled Desarrollo de la política de salvaguardia sobre los conocimientos y sabiduría de los pueblos Arhuaco, Kankuamo, Kogui, Wiwa basados en la ley de origen y el sistema de sitios sagrados de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta en apoyo al plan especial de salvaguarda con el Ministerio de Cultura focuses on developing a policy brief with the Ministry of Culture to safeguard the local knowledge of the Arhuaco, Kankuamo, Kogi, Wiwa indigenous peoples living in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta Mountains. Such initiative will document the customary laws, governance systems and conservation measures used by the four indigenous groups and are aimed in addressing threats such as lack of territorial control and governance, occupation of sacred natural sites, agricultural frontier expansion, and the challenge of preserving ancestral mandates and knowledge system in younger generations.

All project activities will be guided by a group of Mamos (spiritual leaders) in order to strengthen and encourage the social, cultural, political and environmental elements of the four indigenous groups. Key components of the project include: (i.) Knowledge-sharing on research methods and documentation of the Kankuama language to be provided by the Arhuaco, Kankuamo, Kogui, Wiwa indigenous communities; (ii.) Awareness-raising on traditional seed exchanges to promote food security and improve the welfare of the indigenous groups; (iii.) Motivational knowledge exchanges and capacity building on customary rules, governance and environmental conservation measures for inter-generational transfer; and (iv.) Partnership with the Ministry of Culture to strengthen the development and implementation of a policy brief on cultural safeguards.


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