05 March 2018

 St Lucia Seaweed communityProject "The Removal and Utilization of Sargassum from the East Coast of Saint Lucia to create organic compost for the farming industry

 supported by GEF SGP Saint Lucia   was featured in the  January 2018 publication of  Inflight Magazine of Caribbean Airways. 

The SGP funded project helped to solve the negative impact of the build-up of sargassum seaweed on the East Coast of Saint Lucia, by using the invasive species to produce a liquid organic fertilizer and a compost organic fertilizer.

St Lucia SeaweedSaint Lucia Fisher Folk Cooperative and Algas Organic, with the support of SGP Saint Lucia came together in partnerhsip to protect environment, and to create better financial presepective for themselves. Johanan Dujan says in the article:  "If you match innovation with funding, mentorship, technical support, and community and environmental conscience, what you’re going to get is a revolutionary solution which can stand out at the global scale.”

Read the original article here.

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