31 May 2018

Colombia TICAGEF SGP in Colombia, through GSI - ICCA partnership, provides support to indigenous communities for biodiversity conservation, sustainable livelihoods and resilience to climate change effects of territories and areas conserved by indigenous peoples. Project COL/SGP/OP5/Y6/CORE/BD/2017/07, implemented in an emblematic territory conserved by indigenous peoples from the Yuruparí culture, in Vaupés, in the northeastern part of the Colombian Amazon forest, supports the reconstruction of the sacred house - maloca, as part of a strengthening process of the Kumuä Yoamarä – union of the elders to guide and protect the community, and the development of three ceremonies for the traditional management and protection of the territory. One of the main achievements of the project is the participation and motivation of the young people. “Our elders, holders of tradition, are still willing to share their knowledge to young people and children. With this support we are animated to revive, strengthen and obey the norms of the Law of Origen”, says a young apprentice. SGP Colombia has highigted this project in itsonline publication on Medium. For more information please click here