11 July 2022

The Innovation Challenge for SIDS is a special opportunity for UNDP country offices to support innovative Small Grants Programme (SGP) projects that deliver on the integrated UNDP SIDS Offer:Rising Up for SIDS and the UNDP Local Action Offer within the framework of the SGP.

Deputy Resident Representatives are invited to submit one application form for their country office/multi-country office, to qualify for up to $150,000 in SGP funding. This challenge is seeking applications that demonstrate collaboration between the SGP Country Programme(s) and the UNDP Country Offices and Multi Country Offices on the design and implementation and integration of at least 2 of the SIDS Offer pillars (climate action, blue economy and digital transformation) with strong CSO and local community engagement.

The Innovation Challenge for SIDS will focus on integration of SIDS Offer pillars with projects covering one or more of the following themes:
• Nature-based solutions grounded in cultural and societal values around the protection, conservation and use of ecosystem goods and services
• Community-based climate action and NDC implementation- renewable energy, energy access
• Innovative Blue economy solutions including, but not limited to, governance mechanisms, planning tools, marine conservation initiatives, sustainable blue economy pilots (tourism, fisheries, etc.), data collection and analysis, education and capacity building, financing.
• Resilience and adaptation- climate change, green/blue pandemic recovery
• Reviving the tourism sector- blue/green opportunities linked to sustainable livelihoods
• Driving digital innovation for climate action and blue economy


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