07 February 2023

The Present Amenities for Zambia’s Economically Surged Adolescence, or PAZESA as it is colloquially known, works with communities throughout the province sensitising them on the effects that some commonly accepted behaviours have on the environment and the livelihoods of people now and in the future.

When PAZESA saw the open call for proposals advertised in 2021 by the SGE SGP, inviting Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Community Based Organisations (CBOs) to submit proposals for concepts that improve the livelihoods of people in remote communities while adopting a climate sensitive lens, it applied hoping to expand the reach and impact of its operations in the province.

PAZESA proposed a project that would sensitise one thousand (1000) community members and build the capacity of 200 horticulture and fish farmers in Eastern Province, which led to the award of a grant of US$26,600 under Operational Phase 7 of the SPG. Since the award of the grant, PAZESA has reached 202 participants from 20 villages across the Eastern Province. The project provides seeds, fertiliser, fingerlings, pesticides, pond liners, and horticultural skills and marketing training to individuals and cooperatives from across the province. Along with the 202 participants that received tools, supplies, and capacity building under the project, PAZSEA also sensitised 1452 people, educating them on wildlife conservation, climate change, and sustainable agriculture. Read more HERE.

This project was supported by The UNDP Lion’s Share and the Small Grants Programme.52639076333 3e92802fa3 o

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