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Written by anacanestrelli
  • Type: Report/Publication, Global Publication
  • Source: GEF SGP
  • Languages:
  • Focal Areas: Biodiversity, Climate Change Mitigation, Land Degradation, Sustainable Forest Management, International Waters, Chemicals and Waste, Community-Based Adaption
  • Priority Groups: Indigenous Peoples, Women, Persons with Disabilities
  • Internal Tags: AMR
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With the objective to serve as a corporate level document, GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) M&E strategy is an effort to develop a common understanding of the Programme’s results and its pathways. It defines cardinal principles, measurements, and taxonomies to guide results management across the three levels of performance- project, country and global. SGP shares it with a spirit of transparency, and with an intent to provide deeper insights into the Programme’s approaches and practices that lead to environmental and socio- economic gains.

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