10 February 2011

The Kingdom of the Eternal Ecologists-BD-PeruLast January 31 at 12 pm in the Auditorium Complex Javier Perez de Cuellar in Lima, Peru the GEF Small Grants Programme in Peru, implemented by UNDP, launched the publication "El Reino de los Ecologistas Eternos" or "The Kingdom of the Eternal Ecologists". The publication includes a catalog of products made by SGP-funded projects in various parts of Peru, and shares the stories of community leaders from Piura, Lambayeque and Puno, who are fulfilling the mission of the Global Environment Facility by promoting biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods, while generating employment and additional income for the most vulnerable populations.

The catalog was launched by the Minister of Environment Antonio Brack, the Programme Resident Representative United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Rebeca Arias, and the President of the National Steering Committee of the GEF Small Grants Program Louis Masson.

SGP Peru, has financed 214 projects for U.S. $ 6'600, 000 million dollars since 1998, when it started operations in Peru. Currently, the Programme supports projects in 23 regions of the 24 existing in the country and the projects are related to the conservation of dry, cloud, hill, and tropical forests; sustainable use of herbal and medicinal plants; sustainable management of wetlands; recovery of species in danger of extinction (native cotton, raising suche, White-winged Guan, etc.); genetic diversity and recovery of traditional knowledge, conservation of Andean germplasm (seeds, native potatoes, cereals, camelids , etc.); agroforestry; reforestation; improved stoves; ecotourism; and coastal marine ecosystems; among others.

Download the Publication.

Jhulino Sotomayor Del Mar, Programme Assistant, SGP Peru | Tel: 625-9069