16 May 2008

Las Macanas Wetlands- Panama Receives Honours-BD-1As part of the Community Based Rural Tourism initiatives that SGP Panama supports, this project developed by Grupo Ecologico Las Macanas (GEMA) a community NGO, received an Award in the National Competition "A good tourism business idea" from the Panamanian Ministry of Tourism (IPAT), and the Medium, Small & Micro Business Authority (AMPYME) of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. The prize was a cash award as seed capital for their business proposal.

The president of the group Ms. Maria Pinzon receives the recognition scroll and prize from the hands of the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Carl – Fredrik Nordström, next to him Deputy Minister of Commerce & Industry, Manuel Jose Paredes and the Director of AMPYME, Giselle Calgano.

This initiative seeks to develop a Community Based Eco Tourism project in "Las Macanas", the largest sweet water wetland in Azuero, focusing strongly on its unique birdlife attractions as an important flyway for migratory birds that can lead to it's future designation as an Important Bird Area (IBA) Site with the help of Audubon Panama / Birdlife International, because of it's importance for the conservation of migratory birds and biodiversity. These efforts form part of the outcomes for the during GEF -4, seeking sustainable community protected area governance and SGP projects in critical landscapes such as important bird areas and flyways.

Las Macanas Wetlands- Panama Receives Honours-BD-2Las Macanas Wetlands- Panama Receives Honours-BD-3