01 May 2006

Community Water Initiative projects launched in Uganda IW-1UNDP's response to water crisis has been to emphasize an integrated approach to water resource management through effective water governance. This was said by UNDP Resident Representative for Uganda (Mr. Cornelis Klein) at the launch of the Ssese Community Development Association (SSECODA) Ecological Sanitation and Hygiene Project ($15,000) funded by the UNDP Community Water Initiative (CWI) at Banga Landing site, Kalangala Islands–Lake Victoria on March 23, 2006. At the Banga landing site, the team interacted with the local fisher folks, the beach management unit (BMU) committee and applauded their good work in supporting improved hygiene, ecological sanitation and conservation of fisheries resources through avoiding use of illegal fishing gear.

Community Water Initiative projects launched in Uganda IW-2In attendance was the Kalangala district chairperson (Mr. Daniel Kikola) the commissioner of Environmental Affairs (Mr. Eliphaz Bazira), Commissioner of Meteorology (Mr. S.A.K. Magezi) in the Ministry of Lands, Water and environment (MLWE), the SGP National Steering Committee (NSC) Members led by the Chairperson (Mr. Fred Kafero), staff and stakeholders of UNDP, CWI, Nile Basin NTEAP and GEF Small Grants Programme in Uganda. The photos below show the events.

Given the importance of water to poverty alleviation, human and ecosystem health, the management of water resources becomes of central importance. UNDP Community Water Initiative grants therefore help to link the upstream policy and downstream actions at household and community levels for sustainable human development.

Community Water Initiative projects launched in Uganda IW-3The Community Water Initiative was developed in response to the World Summit on Sustainable Development call for concrete actions to meet global challenges in the field of water and sanitation. Inspired by the GEF Small Grants Programme, the Local Facility for Urban Environment, and Africa 2000, the Community Water Initiative has functioned as a decentralized, demand driven funding mechanism for sustainable community-based water and sanitation development and management. The Initiative operates closely with the existing UNDP small grant mechanisms and includes their proven effective features.

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