Celebrating World Wildlife Day 2017
Local communities are key steward in protecting wildlife. For the past 25 years, the GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) has been actively working with the local communities, youth, indigenous peoples and others in conserving threatened and endangered species worldwide.SGP joins the international more
Accessing Global Finances: Funding Opportunities for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities
In the context of the IUCN World Conservation Congress, SGP presented at the roundtable “Accessing Global Finances: Funding Opportunities for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities”, organized by the GEF at the UNDP Community Kauhale ‘Ōiwi space. The event was moderated by more
SGP presents at Gender-Responsive Financing in a workshop at the IUCN World Conservation Congress
Honolulu, Hawaii- On the occasion of the IUCN World Conservation Congress that is taking place in Honolulu, Hawaii, SGP participated in a workshop organized by the GEF on Gender Responsive Financing for the Global Environment. The event started with welcoming remarks from the GEF CEO more
"Walls of mangroves" to protect the Haitian coasts
The Acul Bay combines coastline with a fertile farmland. Mangrove absence in the coastline negatively used to effect farmland as strong winds and salt spray from the sea resulted in lower yields and even destruction of the harvest. In addition high tides had caused land degradation. For more
BIO labeled Haitian coffee
Volatile international coffee prices had had their impact in Haiti. Farmers had turned towards coal production. This led to accelerated land degradation. Stabilized coffee prize in recent years have draw farmers interest in the sector again.A 2010 research conducted by AFDI / CAFSA in collaboration more
SGP celebrates World Water Day 2016 by helping conserve the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System World Heritage Site
Sarteneja, a traditional fishing community on the northeastern coast of Belize, is considered one of the primary stakeholders of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System – World Heritage Site (BBRRS-WHS). The economic foundation of the community is based primarily on the traditional harvesting more
Trading Ghost Nets for Sustainable Fishing Gear, Guinea Bissau
Artisanal fishing with ghost nets (abandoned or discarded fish nets) has long been practiced along Guinea Bissau's Cacheu River. Rich in large and diverse fish stocks, the river, which crosses the National Mangrove Park of Cacheu (PNTC), is attracting local residents and fishermen from more
Engaging Herd-boys to Conserve the Southern Bald Ibis in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho
The Southern Bald Ibis (Geronticus calvus), a bird species endemic to Lesotho, the eastern parts of South Africa and the western parts of Swaziland, has been vanishing. Classified as "vulnerable" in the IUCN Red Data Book, the birds have been threatened by habitat loss, human interference more
Indigenous Women Present Natural Dye Fashion
On May 27th, the GEF Small Grants Programme participated in a Joint Side Event organized by the GEF Secretariat on Indigenous People at the 5th GEF Assembly in Cancun, Mexico. At the event, SGP presented an Indigenous Fashion Show featuring a project that protects biodiversity through the more
Let’ s Go Wild for Wildlife! SGP welcomes the first World Wildlife Day
World Wildife Day, which was celebrated on March 3rd, 2014 for the first time, honors the many beautiful and varied forms of wild fauna and flora and raises awareness about the wide-ranging ecosystem benefits they provide. This day was chosen to commemorate the signing of the Convention more


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