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With the financial asistance provided by UNDP-GEF SGP, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union in A Luoi district has in collaboration with the Center for Rural Development in Central Vietnam (CRD), implemented the project “Strengthening the ethnic minority community’s capacity for forest and biodiversity resources conservation associated with sustainable livelihood development in Sao La Nature Reserve, Thua Thien Hue province”. The project aimed to achieve specific objectives, as follows: (i) Raise awareness of forest protection and management, ecological environment protection and biodiv...
Since 2012, local households, communities and individuals have received a rather large revenue per year from the payment for forest ecosystem services (PFES), of which only a small amount was reinvested in the development of local production to sustain local sustainable livelihoods. Given a limited access to available financial sources, PFES payments seem a potential source of funding for the community’s production development through a Community’s Livelihood Development Fund (CLDF). Experience gained by some localities in the use of PFES payments for developing their production through CL...
This case study is as a “story” of Hoi An city towards zero ocean waste plastic through a case study of domestic and/or household waste management in Hoi An city. The story describes and summarizes various approaches to the city’s domestic and/or household waste management, its implementation arrangements, the development and deployment of various models and the replication of good practices and lessons learned. The story is also a practical example of how to involve local communities to take part in the city’s initiative, and how to raise awareness for behavior changes, say no to nylo...
This book is second edition on informative training manual on health care waste management, mercury free health service and POPs in Nepali. It briefly describes the importance of managing health care waste management, types and segregation of waste, environmentally sound best available technologies, mercury management, introduction to POPs and various environmental treaties on POPs and mercury. This training manual is exclusively used to train health care waste management staff and nursing staff.
Demonstration project on greenhouse gas emission reduction drawing on the example of Ivje District of Hrodna Region - brochure
Brochure on the results of the project - Prudence and cost effectiveness – the best wealth
Bicycle route in the realm of Neman and Shara rivers in Belarus developed withing the project "Developing cycling movement in Belarus regions"
Project "Local mechanisms of reinvesting for climate neutrality and local community development" (2018-2020) - project goal: 1. Use straw-based mushroom growing as a local reinvestment mechanism for climate neutrality and local community development. 2. Prevent emission of 3 tons of CO2 a year by utilizing straw instead of combustion.
Brochure about bark beetles in forests - created within the project Mitigating negative climate effects by abating the consequences of the bark beetle epidemics in Krasnapollie District of Mahilioŭ Region (2018-2020)
Project BLR/SGP/OP6/Y4/STAR/CC/18/09 - Creating conditions and infrastructure for raising public awareness about the issues of climate change (2018-2020). At present, an environmental information center has been created, equipped with all necessary equipment and is functioning in full for theoretical and practical training for students in the field of mitigating climate change, mitigating consequences and adapting to climate change, including energy conservation on the basis of the educational institution Rudenskaya Auxiliary School boarding school". Teachers have the opportunity to adapt each...
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